Gopher Post Game: Albert Young Q & A

Albert Young finished the season with seven straight 100-yard rushing games in Big Ten play. Not bad for a sophomore who may make a serious assault on the Iowa record books.

Q: Way to finish the season off strong, as the Hawks get another win.

Albert Young: We pride ourselves on playing good football in November, and it showed today with a complete team effort. Our hearts go out to the seniors, they led us today. From the get go, we knew that from the energy in the stadium that we had this game under control. We got the job done today. We finished.

Q: You have been preaching all year about the strength of that offensive line. Talk about them

Young: Last year was just a fluke. Those guys up front get the job done. Damian (Sims) ran for over 100 (yards) today. I ran for over a hundred today. With two backs doing that, the guys up front are doing something. Those guys get all the credit in the world because they made my season what it is.

Q: They (Minnesota) was supposed to have the big running team.

Young: Oh yeah? We proved that wrong. They were supposed to have a three-headed monster today, but we had a two-headed monster and the o-line. I can't say enough - but it also says a lot about our defense. We are playing against, supposedly, the top three running backs in the Big 10 or whatever, and they shut them all down. Credit goes out to them.

Q: What does ‘Senior Day' mean to guys who are not seniors?

Young: It means a lot, especially since I am going into my third year of school now. When you are a freshman you might not have an actual relationship with those guys. But these are guys I spent a few summers with. Like Brian (Ferentz), Jovon (Johnson), all those guys - I could go down the list. I actually had the opportunity to really go through some things with these guys. It's definitely emotional and you put in the work with those guys. When those guys leave you feel like you are missing something, too, when they leave.

Q: Was it fun to see what Eddie (Hinkel) did today?

Young: I told he is probably the leading scorer on the team now. Man, that is the way to go out. For a guy who people thought was going to end his season on an injury. I guess he made up for it in these last couple of games he played. You can't beat four touchdowns.

Q: You might have had some doubters and detractors after the two losses to Michigan and Northwestern.

Young: Hey, the only difference is that we finished. It is as simple as that. We played a very good game on the road at Northwestern, and at home versus Michigan. We just didn't finish those weeks, but we knew we could get the job done. We just had to put our minds to it and actually do it.

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