Gopher Post Game: Jovon Johnson

The Iowa senior intercepted one pass in the game, moving him to within one of Iowa's all time mark of 18 for a career.

Q: Senior Day 2005 is another win for the Hawks.

Jovon Johnson: It was fantastic way for us seniors to go out. We led the way and everybody else followed and played with the same enthusiasm that we did. It was something special.

Q: When you were walking off the field after your interception it looked like it might take the best security guard to get the ball out of your hands.

Johnson: Well I was not planning on giving it up, but somebody found it and gave it back to them (the officials). It's alright, I will get another one.

Q: The defense played another strong game, though some will look at the stat sheet and see 400+ yards given up. But, it truly was a strong game for all four quarters.

Johnson: They did everything that we saw on film so it was kind of easy for us. We still had to go out there and match routes and make tackles. We let a couple of tackles get away from us, a couple plays get away from us. We still played with enthusiasm, effort, and intensity that we need to be playing with in order to be a good defense. That is the way we played today and it showed on the field.

Q: How emotional was senior day?

Johnson: It is emotional, but it has not really hit me yet - I am sure it will. Some guys it has hit already. It is very emotional any time you play your last game at home in front of your fans in a place like Kinnick. What better way can you go out?

Q: Did it give you a lift before the game - you guys started out so hot?

Johnson: That didn't give us a lift. Coach Ferentz gave us his usual pep talk that he gives us before a game. It being Senior Day, the seniors really pushed for more enthusiasm and that is the way we came out today.

Q: You could almost see that second interception on the day coming on a play in the third quarter -- less being tackled by a would be Minnesota receiver.

Johnson: My opportunities came, but I did not get the true opportunity to get that second one. Coach Parker was helping me out by keeping me in as long as he could. The opportunities will come and I cannot get caught up in that...I just gotta go play. The opportunities will be there.

Q: Now your team is playing the bowl waiting game. Does it matter where you go to?

Johnson: It doesn't matter. Hopefully, it is somewhere nice but it doesn't matter what the case may be we still are going to be ready to play. We will be ready to go - it will be our second ‘Senior Day'.

Q: No preference? The Alamo, Florida, anywhere?

Johnson: It doesn't matter. I would rather go to Florida than somewhere where it is cold. Or even Texas or whatever the case may be. We get another opportunity and hopefully the seniors can make the most of it. It can be our second ‘Senior Day' and we can have a better one than we had today.

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