Gopher Post Game:Chad Greenway

Senior records 15 tackles and had a nifty one-handed interception in his Kinnick finale

Q: Talk about Senior Day and going out. Look like you guys started off really well.

Chad Greenway: It was obviously an exciting day, and pretty emotional for everybody. Coming in we knew we wanted to get this win to please everybody, and for the seniors we wanted to end on the right foot and we definitely did that. We played great defense for three and a half quarters. We were subbing guys in and out and Coach (Parker) did a great job of staying on it and keep pushing until the end. We gave up some plays at the end. But you know we only gave up about 100 yards rushing and that is what we are happy with. When you hold a Minnesota team to 100 yards or around 100 yards you are going to win.

Q: That is nation's leading rushing team and you held them to 120 yards.

Greenway: It didn't look like it today and it didn't look like that last week. Everybody has been saying this defense is going to be so much worse. We knew we had it, we just had to find it. You take away those two close losses in the middle of the season and we are talking about a damn good season. We would be back into Big 10 title contention and all that stuff. Those two games are what makes sports so fun because those things can happen in your favor sometimes, too. The big thing is that we played great after those losses. We played great last week at Wisconsin and we played great today. We helped our chances in the bowl games

Q: What was it like to get your name called and come out the tunnel to meet your parents out there on the field?

Greenway: It is a special day for that because my parents come to all the games. They deserve some recognition on the field and I am sure it is exciting for them to run out and then see me graduate college in a month. It is such an exciting time right now. My parents have been so excited to have had this opportunity for me to come here and play with this great group of players and coaches that I have been around. It has been a special experience for everybody, including them. I mean meeting the parents and meeting the coaches you cannot say enough good things about this place. Win or lose we have a class program around here.

Q: You and Abdul (Hodge) have played A LOT great games together. Yet again, you guys played great and came up with something like 29 tackles between you. What is it like playing with a guy like him?

Greenway: Abdul had to have most of those tackles, didn't he? (in the end the two combined for 34, with Chad having 15 and Abdul 19). Yes, it has been so much fun. It makes it so much easier with a guy that high caliber playing beside you. You never have pressure on yourself as you can kind of fend it off a little bit. We started where the defensive line started right now, as young sophomores. The only thing we knew was ‘go get the ball'. We didn't know anything else. Just go get the ball and use your ability to go do that. I have come so far with my technique in stuff because of him. Learning from him, how to shed blocks from him, he has helped me as much as Coach Parker with technique and doing things the right way. When you watch him it is like watching a scouting tape because he is so technically sound. It has been fun and I hope the fans know that we gave our best effort every week. It has been a great experience to play with him.

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