Talks with Creedmoor Head Coach Otho Lyons

Many questions have been raised so far on just exactly who is PF Doug Thomas? Is he really a need for the Hawkeyes next season? After you get done reading this interview with Creedmoor Faith Academy Head Coach Otho Lyons, you should have no reason not to be excited about the possibilities of Doug Thomas. This is your best chance to get the inside edge on PF Doug Thomas.

Many of our readers have asked who is PF Doug Thomas? Is he really a need for the Hawkeyes next season? Certainly, there is reason to ask those questions after the shaky season that was just experienced. However, if the Hawks are looking for an athletic strong presence that can help electrify a crowd, look no further than Creedmoor Christian Faith Academy.

"Iowa has told me they are looking for an athletic presence that can get up and down the floor," Coach Lyons stated. "Doug Thomas fits that bill perfectly as he has all the tools and work ethic to be a great player. He has only played organized basketball now for around two years so he is still learning all the fundamentals."

Although no one questions the athletic ability of Doug Thomas, questions have been raised about his basketball ability. This past season Doug had to share the frontline with D1 prospects Dermarshay Johnson and Kelly Whitney, who were both more highly rated. Coach Lyons did not necessarily agree with that assessment, although. That is where Doug's basketball ability comes into hand.

"Doug was our main threat with 23 ppg and 11 rpg. He even had probably around nine dunks per game. I think he was probably our most effective player because of how active and strong he is. He is listed at 6'8 230, but I would not be surprised if he is around 240 by now. We have not recorded his vertical leap, but it is at least 40 inches. Right now he wears a size 19 BB shoe and size 20 dress shoe. If he develops a jump shot, he will be a guy that NBA scouts drool over."

With an outstanding amount of athletic ability, many schools around the nation would have to be calling, right?

"Doug has already comnpleted visits to Western Kentucky and Miami(FL). He will visit Iowa this weekend and UCONN next weekend. I would say that Iowa and UCONN are his top two schools at the moment."

We all know about the impression Coach Alford leaves on players, but Hawk fans would have to come away very happy with the first impression he has left on Coach Lyons so far.

"I'm not saying other coaching staffs' are not professional, but Iowa is just so very, very professional. The staff lets me know everything that will be going on with Doug, all the ins and outs. Coach Alford shares the same philosophy as I know he is a devoted Christian. I know Doug would enter the same atmosphere and would be hearing the same things said to him."

However, with the recent success of the UCONN program giving them more of a national prestige and their expectations for next year, how will Doug be able to turn down UCONN?

"Since Doug arrived here, I have changed his way of thinking. I always tell him not to just rely on what the is being told or tradiiton, but to follow his heart. It does not matter if a school has more tradition, it should all depend on where Doug feels most comfortable. I know Doug now possesses those qualities, and if he goes to Iowa City and feels it is a right fit for him, he could make his decision."

What exactly are some of the philosophies that Coach Lyons shares with his players at Creedmoor?

"I'm a different style of coach as I'm still in the old school era. I tell them to never burn a bridge because you may need to cross the bridge again in the future. I always let them know it is important for them to keep relationships open and positive and always leave them with higher possibilites. I discourage them to mark any relationships down or count them as not worthy."

It is not hard to see that Doug is coming from a positive atmosphere and could be a big influence on this program for the next few years. Its been a long time since we have seen the type of athletic ability that Thomas could have in a Hawkeye uniform. Perhaps he would be most like a bulkier version of Gerry Wright, AKA, Sir Jamalot.

I would assume that this article will dispel any doubting Thomases.

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