Clayborn Hosts Hawkeye Coaches four star defensive end Adrian Clayborn hosted one Hawkeye assistant on an in-home visit Monday evening. This coming weekend, Clayborn will be making his official visit to Iowa City. There will be even more traffic in his home over the next few nights as Clayborn will host other college coaches. Just what is Clayborn getting out of this experience?'s Josh Clark offers the latest…

When it comes to the Iowa Hawkeyes and recruiting defensive ends in the Class of 2006, they have emphatically used the word "need" more than "want". That is due to what appeared to be an uncommon theme for the Hawkeyes in 2005; the lack of a consistent pass rush.

Therefore, the Hawkeyes have targeted what they believe to be their best options when it comes to the search of an explosive force off the edge. One target who caught Iowa's interest with a strong senior campaign is Webster Groves' Adrian Clayborn.

Clayborn hosted Hawkeye assistant Eric Johnson on an in-home visit Monday.

"Everything went well," explained Clayborn. "Most importantly, my mom liked Coach Johnson. She thought he was a nice guy, and liked what he had to offer in talking about the university."

Graduation was the main focus when it came to the University of Iowa.

"Iowa has a very good graduation rate, and they keep their players on scholarship despite injury, which means a lot to me. Coach Johnson told me that I will be pushed to my fullest to make sure I get my degree," stated Clayborn.

Coach Johnson did not forget to mention the Hawkeye football program.

"He told me they have a need for a rush end, and that I'm their top guy right now," added Clayborn, who has previously officially visited Nebraska and Texas Tech. "They are waiting on my decision, and after my official visit, he and Coach Aiken are going to come back to my house, and if that isn't enough, he said he'd bring Coach Ferentz with him if he had to."

Clayborn was also given details concerning his official visit.

"I'm going to be hosted by Dace Richardson on my visit. I'll get a chance to see a practice of theirs, as well, as go to a basketball game on Saturday. I really think I'll be able to pick up a lot from going to see one of their practices," said Clayborn.

Clayborn stated he had seen a practice at Nebraska, albeit it a pre-game warm-up, so Iowa would not be the first team he has seen practice.

When it comes to visits, Clayborn will have two remaining as he will officially visit Missouri after his trip to Iowa. Should Tennessee invite him, he would probably make a trip there.

"I have Texas Tech coming by my school tomorrow, and Missouri and Nebraska stopping by for in-home visits," added Clayborn, who is currently playing basketball. "Tennessee is coming by on Thursday. Really, for Missouri and Nebraska it will mainly be about making a first impression on my mother, and her getting the chances to know the coaches. This will be my first interaction with Tennessee, so both my mother and I will have a lot to learn."

Clayborn denied any current leader for his services, and from all accounts it appears he is giving all five schools a fair opportunity.

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