Iowa Pays Visit to Kevin Green

The Iowa Hawkeyes are facing a tightly contested battle in North Chicago as they try to win the decision of linebacker Kevin Green. After an in-home visit with the Boilermaker coaches earlier this week, it appeared as though Purdue had made a strong impression on the three star linebacker. Was Iowa Coach Lester Erb able to make the same type of impression this evening?'s Josh Clark offers the latest...

Purdue made a very favorable impression on Kevin Green during their in-home visit last week, as we reported here on

While the Hawks have long been in good standing with Green, it appeared as though they may have had a little bit of ground to make up on the Boilers when Hawkeye assistant Lester Erb made his in-home visit this evening in Chicago.

"It was a real nice visit with Coach Erb," said Green. "He did a good job of showing a lot of statistics in how the program has been so successful in winning a lot of games while still graduating players. Really, though, I had already been up to Iowa City twice, so he sat with my family, and we all just talked about life."

Green's mother was one who was listening, and appears to be as confused as Green is in deciding between the two schools.

"My mother likes both Iowa and Purdue, a lot, and I don't think she has a problem with me attending either school. Really, it is just going to come down to me, and this is a very tough decision to make right now," stated Green.

Green stated he was hopeful he would have a decision made within the next week.

The Purdue coaches had mentioned a starting spot that could be won next fall if he were to choose the Boilermakers, and while Iowa isn't looking for starters, they made it known they are in need of linebackers.

"Coach Erb said they are only going to have five scholarship linebackers heading into next fall, and need to sign linebackers very badly in this class," added Green, who took his official visit to Iowa City on 10/21. "They had to move their third string walk-on fullback to linebacker just to add depth."

In looking at both schools, Green maintained in both conversations there were no major differences, but rather a few minor aspects that he shared.

"Purdue is a lot more specific in the majors they offer, and really emphasize what I would like to get into; computer graphic design. Coach Erb pointed out to me that Iowa's majors are more broad, but that once you enter them you can branch out into different areas so I'd still be able to learn what I wanted, but I felt a bit more comfortable with Purdue's academic system."

"When I officially visited Purdue, it was over fall break, so really not everyone was in town so I didn't get to see the full student body. At Iowa, it was a jam-packed weekend and I really got to gain a comfort level for the people and students. Everybody was extremely friendly out at Iowa," said Green.

When it comes to his two position coaches, Green had good things to say about both.

"I really liked spending time with Coach (Darrell) Wilson and his son, Marcus, at Iowa's camp this summer. My mother met his wife, and thought she was an extremely nice lady, too. I have a very high comfort level with Coach Wilson. Coach (Brock) Spack is a good guy who I know really pushes you to be your best, and is a high intensity guy. I know nothing but positive things would occur if I were to play under him," stated Green.

Lastly, Kirk Ferentz's name was mentioned a bit during tonight's in-home visit, and Green liked what he heard.

"Coach Erb straight up told me that I'd be playing for one of the best head coaches in the country, which I recognized," stated Green. "He told me the story of a Utah prospect he was recruiting, and how one of that kid's family members, who worked with the Washington Redskins, told the kid that Kirk Ferentz is the best coach you could play for."

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