Michigan Receiver Set to Visit Iowa This Week

The Iowa Hawkeyes will be hosting Detroit (Murray-Wright) wide receiver/defensive back Dominique Douglas on an official visit this weekend. Douglas recently hosted Hawkeye assistant Phil Parker on an in-home visit, and Scout.com's Josh Clark offers the latest into Douglas's recruitment. You will not want to miss this lengthy and in depth feature.

Iowa's football coaches pour over miles of video tape each and every year as they try to find the young men that will one day wear the black and gold. Every so often, there is a player that immediately jumps out to a coach and they know that he has ‘it'.

One such instance occurred recently for Iowa assistant Lester Erb, and it was when he watched the highlight film of Dominique Douglas.

Though Douglas' name is entering the Iowa recruitnik's lexicon at a later date than most, he is climbing Iowa's target board with a bullet.

"When Coach (Lester) Erb was able to get my film and sit down and watch it, he was so impressed that he called me at 11 o'clock at night," Douglas said. "He told me he wanted to offer me a scholarship right there and then, but he had to get the other coaches approval, first."

When you take a look at Douglas' numbers on the season, it should give fans a reason for optimism. On the season, Douglas caught 85 passes for 1,011 yards and 25 touchdowns. On defense, he was able to record seven interceptions from his safety spot.

During his in-home visit with Hawkeye assistant Phil Parker on Wednesday evening, Douglas was informed he could potentially play both positions.

"Coach Parker told me that I'm the first offensive player he has that he feels can play both sides of the ball," added Douglas, who holds a 2.8 GPA and scored a 23 on the ACT. "He said he has seen defensive guys do it, but that I'm an offensive player, first. He said really it was a fight between he and Coach Erb on which side I'd start out at, but Coach Erb found me first, so he gets the rights."

Due to the help of Murray-Wright head coach Andre Harlan, Douglas (6-2/180) has learned one trick of the trade that has elevated his stock at wide receiver.

"Most receivers in high school always are doing a three step on their hook routes. My coach has always worked with me on doing just two steps, where you step back with your right and out front with your left, and basically turn your hips to get to the spot. Every coach that has recruited me has pointed out how well I do that on tape," stated Douglas.

Douglas noted that Coach Parker had informed him it was his hands and route running that Iowa liked the most from his abilities.

As far as other programs recruiting him, Douglas says it is mainly down to three, although, there is still a fourth program that could grab his attention.

"Right now, I'd say my top three teams are Iowa (offer), Toledo (offer), and Ohio State," added Douglas, who also holds offers from Cincinnati, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, Central Michigan and Akron. "(Wide Receiver) Coach (Suth) Campbell from Michigan stopped by my school last week and told me that he'd really like to take me. They are only losing one receiver though, so he has to run it by people first and he said he'd be getting back to me."

The Buckeyes also appear as if they'll be informing Douglas soon on whether or not he will receive an offer from them.

"Coach (Paul) Haynes told me he wants me to come down for a visit so that I can watch one of their bowl practices. He is supposed to be getting back to me after my Iowa visit to let me know if I have an offer," said Douglas.

Bowling Green will receive an official visit on December 9th, but before the in-home with Coach Parker, it was set for this coming weekend.

"When I told Coach Parker that I was canceling my Bowling Green visit just to visit Iowa this weekend, he was very thankful and happy; his face was red when I told him that I was doing that. The great thing about Coach Parker and the rest of the coaches I have talked with at Iowa is the fact that they are real people. They shoot the truth to you and tell you how it is going to be," stated Douglas.

Part of telling Douglas the truth was informing him that he will dictate his own future.

"Coach Parker told me that with three of their receivers leaving, two of them being starters, I will have a chance to make a name for myself right off the bat. He also said that if I don't work hard and put in the time to watching film that I will ride the bench at Iowa. I liked the fact that he told me that I will receive what I earn."

Douglas also liked what he heard about Iowa City from Coach Parker.

"He also said things move a lot slower down in Iowa City than they do in Detroit," continued Douglas. "In Iowa, everyone knows everyone, especially if you are a Hawkeye. The players there are very close; there no cliques; just one team unit."

Lastly, when asked who his host on the visit was going to be, Douglas only stated what Coach Parker had informed him.

"He told me that he has a surprise for me this weekend," concluded Douglas.

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