Our Charter Flight: Less Than 20 Seats Left!

Join HawkeyeNation.com on our 4th Annual Bowl Charter Flight. Chuck Hartlieb will be joining us this year and will have a Chalk Talk session that breaks down the Iowa-Florida match up, only on our charter flight. We have already sold out one plane and our second plane is going fast! For those of you yet to come on board, the four-night trip is all we have left..read on...

UPDATED 12/17/2005 at 12:19am Central: We have sold out our first plane. Those of you on that first plane purchased our three night option. For those of you yet to place an order, our four-night trip is all we have left and there are fewer than 20 seats left for that package. Once those are gone, we will be totally sold out...Both the three-night and four-night trips will be at the same hotel and we will all be a part of the same group. All of the events you read below will be included with both groups.

The three-night passengers will leave Des Moines at 8:00am on the 31st and depart Tampa at 8:00am on the 3rd. The Four-night passengers will leave Des Moines at 4pm on the 30th and depart Tampa at 4:00pm on the 3rd. Call Premiere now at 800-924-9993 to an order..Hurry, as we have less than 20 spots remaining and those will likely be sold out by week's end...with our first flight sold out, and the Iowa Alumni Association's tour being sold out, these are the last charter seats left out of Des Moines...they will move fast!

Many of you have flown with HawkeyeNation.com on our charter flights through the years; in fact, more than 1,000 of you!

We are once again teamed up with Premiere Sports Travel, the same organization that helped make our trips to Tampa in 2004 and Orlando in 2005 great successes and enjoyable for all involved.

This year, there will be added bonus of getting to listen to Chuck Hartlieb break down the Iowa-Florida match up in a ‘Chalk Talk' session at our hotel. Jon Miller will emcee the event and we will talk about the future of the program, recruiting and more. HawkeyeNation.com Senior Writer Rob Howe will also be on hand to provide his insights, as he has traveled with the team all season and has been to every press conference and interview session. This is just one of the aspects that sets our trip apart from the others.

For ordering information, call 800-924-9993 or view our packages online by CLICKING HERE

HawkeyeNation.com has now been to all of the Florida bowl destinations that the Big Ten is affiliated with, so we know the lay of the land and what you want to do.

That is why our property, the Hyatt Regency in downtown Tampa is where we will be staying.

Here are some links so that you can check out the property:

If you click on the link that is titled ‘GOOGLE MAP' just above, you can see the Hyatt is marked by a balloon shaped red marker near the upper left. You will see that the map has a legend in the lower left for scale. The Convention Center where the Hawkeye Huddle will take place is literally 1,000 feet from the hotel. The large white oval near the bottom of the page is the arena where the Tampa Bay Lightning play hockey. To the right of that is Channelside, a very popular nightlife attraction, and the Florida Aquarium, a great place for both young and old Hawkeye fans.

Also just 1,000 feet from our property, right across the street from the convention center, is access to a trolley system that can take you to Channelside and onto Ybor City, a great tourist destination. Their New Year's Day parade is an event that you do not want to miss, and Herky and the gang will be involved. CLICK HERE to learn more about Ybor City.

Of course, you will be treated like Hollywood elite when you travel with HawkeyeNation.com and Premiere Sports Travel.

From the walking off the plane onto the tarmac and directly onto a private bus, you will not have to deal with picking up your bags at all. You will not walk through the airport at all once you arrive in Tampa. Once you get on your assigned bus, you will be given your room keys that are already activated. We bring your bags to your room, so that means that you will not have to wait in the hotel lobby checking in; you can hit the city right away!

You will also be taken to and from the game in a private bus, as well as to the airport for the trip home.

This is no worry and luxury traveling at its finest!

You also have the piece of mind in knowing that you are traveling with experienced people. No other website/publication has put on more travel packages than HawkeyeNation.com. Plus, the stability of our relationship with Premiere lets you know that they are the best at what they do.

A charter trip is NOT a charter trip; a lot of work goes into making sure that you have fun, are entertained and that you will be safe. You can trust us to ensure just such a trip again in 2006 to the Outback Bowl.

Space is limited, so order today!

Land only packages are also available:

For ordering information, call 800-924-9993 or view our packages online by CLICKING HERE

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