Baltimore Athlete Has Hawkeyes in Mind

Last year, the Hawkeyes fell a little short in their attempts to get a recruit from the Baltimore area. This year, the area is once again loaded with top prospects and the Hawkeyes are back knocking on the door. One Baltimore athlete is receiving strong interest from the Hawks and has a few ties to Coach Ferentz....

I remember speaking to a good source last summer when the primary concern should still have been on the upcoming seniors. However, it did not take long for this source to jump into two juniors-to-be at that time out at Baltimore Gilman High School. One of them happened to be ATH Ambrose Wooden, who now is being hailed as one of the best athletes in the nation.

Ambrose has been reported as having 4.3 speed and has the game breaking ability to change a game. Will that ability be featured on offense or defense?

"Most schools are recruiting me as a defensive back right now," Ambrose said. "I have offers from Duke, Maryland, Iowa, Syracuse, Virginia Tech, Penn State, Southern Cal, and a few others. UCLA told me they would be stopping by the school to offer this week, and I'm receiving strong interest from Stanford and Virginia."

As all Hawk fans know, Baltimore is a very familiar place to Coach Ferentz dating back to his days as the Associate Head Coach of the Baltimore Ravens. It just so happens that Baltimore Gilman High School is the same school he placed his son and current Hawkeye, Brian Ferentz.

"I know about Coach Ferentz pretty well from when he was a coach in Baltimore. I went to school with his son for a few years and we spoke on occasion. I receieve a lot of mail from Iowa and I have read up on them on the internet. I know they had some guys drafted this past year. I have a good feeling about the program, currently."

A lot of indications have had Ambrose making a summer decision. While Ambrose did not rule anything out, he does have a few plans for this summer.

"I plan to really begin to narrow my list this summer after I take a few visits. I also play shortstop on our baseball team so I'll have to wait until after baseball. I want to play baseball in college, too, so the school will have to be willing to allow me to do that."

What other factors will Ambrose consider in his decision?

"I want to find the best combination for athletics and football for myself. I do not want to just jump into a situation where I'm only viewed as an athlete. I want to have a good relationship with the coaching staff where I know they want to develop me as a student athlete. I want to be a part of a close unit of players."

Certainly, Ambrose has exceled at many things, including holding a 3.9 GPA. He also has ran 6.1 in the 55, 10.6 in the 100, and 21.6 this past weekend in the 200. Its not hard to see why he is viewed as one of the elite athletes in the nation.

Landing super athlete Ambrose Wooden won't be easy as he has many rap rap rapping on his door. However, if the Hawks can get one here it would be one of the biggest finds in Baltimore since Edgar Allan Poe!

The Hawks are looking for difference makers, and Ambrose Wooden fits that description perfectly. It would also establish Iowa football in Baltimore so that they will get shut out "Nevermore!"

* Photo Courtesy of Associated Press (Charlie Niebergall)

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