Hawks First to Offer Michigan Defensive End

When you are six weeks away from signing day, there are not many players that fly under the radar with offers from the likes of Iowa and Michigan. But that was the case with Flint Southwestern defensive end Quintin Woods. He received his first offer from the Iowa Hawkeyes only a few weeks ago. Michigan soon followed, as did Michigan State and now other schools are looking to join the picture. Scout.com's Josh Clark offers the latest on Woods, who is quickly rising up the charts.

Just how well known is Flint Southwestern Academy when it comes to the gridiron?

"After Iowa had offered Quintin a scholarship, and I spoke with Michigan, they were like: ‘how come we didn't know about this guy'," said head coach Greg Lee. "Our football program has been so down that Michigan wasn't even sending coaches by our high school."

One great prospect can change the outlook of a program in a recruiter's eye and that is exactly what defensive end Quintin Woods has accomplished at Southwestern.

Not to mention, it is head coach Greg Lee, who is in his second year at Southwestern, that helped the team and Woods make positive strides on the football field.

"Quintin was more of a basketball player, but this season we played him at defensive end and he really excelled at the position," said Lee. "I've only been here a year and a half, but with getting Quintin in the right position on the field, this is what has occurred at Southwestern since."

What has occurred is the fact that Woods has received scholarship offers from Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, and numerous MAC programs. Indiana stopped by the high school and should be on their way to offering. Nebraska is slated to stop by the school later this week to likely make an offer.

"Coming into this year, I didn't expect to be a division one prospect," said Woods. "I was playing tight end my freshman and sophomore years and then I was injured after two games my junior season. I had always wanted to play defense, and Coach Lee gave me the chance this fall. It really helped our team out and helped me out a lot, too."

On the season, in nine games, Woods recorded 127 tackles (91 solo), 14 tackles for a loss, eight sacks and deflected four passes. Not bad numbers for his first season at defensive end.

"Just naturally, Quintin uses his hands very well. He gets off blocks, and he can flat out run the quarterback down. He just has tremendous instincts for having not been around football a long time, and he makes plays. He is a playmaker," said Lee.

It was the Iowa Hawkeyes who first extended an offer to Woods only a few short weeks ago.

"I sent out film to numerous schools around five weeks ago, and Iowa was the first to respond with an offer as soon as they saw the tape. Coach (Norm) Parker was on Michigan State's staff under Coach Pearles, and he knows his defense as well as anybody and the personnel he needs to run it. He was the first one at Iowa to say we love this kid as he really saw a lot of upside in Woods."

"I mean, nobody is able to knock Quintin down. You can try to cut block him, double team him, or even double team him and then have a running back chip block him, but he isn't going down. He is just so long that nobody is able to get him down," stated Lee.

According to Woods, the Hawkeyes had been showing interest even before they made the offer.

"I began receiving calls from them around a month and a half ago," added Woods, who holds slightly above a 2.5 GPA. "I spoke with both Coach Parker's and their defensive line coach (Ron Aiken). They told me back then they liked me, and had to make a decision as a staff on whether to offer me."

Woods was scheduled to officially visit Iowa this weekend, but due to schedule constraints in having to take the ACT test, he was forced to re-schedule.

"I was going to take it last week, but we had a huge snow storm and it got pushed back to this weekend. I re-scheduled my Iowa visit for January 20th, and I'm officially visiting Michigan on January 13th. I haven't set up any other trips," said Woods.

Woods offered his thoughts on both the Hawkeyes and Wolverines; the two programs he had set visits with thus far.

"I like everything about Iowa. It is the Big Ten, and the coaches are hard on education, which would be a good thing for me. They are very honest with a person, and they told me if I can come in and prove myself that I'll able to play right away. They told me that as a staff it is important to them to ensure that there is good interaction with the players."

"Michigan is a good football program with a lot of tradition. It is close to home, and it is a really good school, overall. I know that I will receive a great education there. Coach (Fred) Jackson is recruiting me, and he has been completely honest with me to this point."

Lastly, Hawkeye assistant Phil Parker made an in-home visit with Woods on Monday evening, and gave Quintin a personal message.

"Coach Parker told me to stay focused and keep my grades up. He told me if I take care of business that it is really going to pay off for me with my abilities," stated Woods.

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