Milligan Enjoys Iowa City; Awaits Offer

A trio of Cleveland Glenville prospects made their way to Iowa City this weekend for an official visit. Safety Derrick Smith ended up committing and quarterback Arvell Nelson could be close. Teammate Bryant Milligan, who is being recruited at the cornerback position, will await to receive the news of whether Iowa offer is on the way.

"I thought when they offered me the visit that they also offered me a scholarship," Bryant Milligan stated.

"Coach (Phil) Parker told me, though, that he'll be in touch in a couple of days concerning an offer. Right now, I've just got to prove I can get my grades up. He told me that his cornerbacks have to be aggressive; never lose. A wide receiver just will never beat you."

Milligan gained a good impression of Coach Parker through practice, as well.

"He's a real intense coach. I mean, he's a handful for those defensive backs, and he pushed them a lot. It was really up tempo how they worked out, and they took the least amount of water breaks than any other position," Milligan said. On Saturday, Milligan enjoyed his visit to the academic learning center where he gained some valuable information.

"I love the fact that you get two counselors. You have one counselor who specifically works with you on your schedule, and the other one works with you on your academic status," Milligan stated.

In speaking with Kirk Ferentz this morning, Milligan pointed out the head coach stressed the stability of Iowa's program, in the fact that he has turned down NFL job offers. Milligan also remarked that he and Ferentz spoke about Iowa City, which Ferentz labeled the best college football town.

"Coach Ferentz told me he loved Iowa," Milligan said. "The coaches landed one of my teammates, Derrick Smith, this weekend and got a great leader. He is a sure tackler, great in coverage, and he diagnoses the play very well. He can read a field real well, and I'd definitely say he was an underrated player."

Smith is being projected as a strong safety.

For now, Milligan will await to see if the Hawkeyes elect to offer, and if they do, he is unsure if a commitment would occur.

"It's something that I have to got think about. I have a visit set to West Virginia that right now I would like to take," Milligan stated.

Milligan was hosted by Hawkeye freshman running back Dana Brown.

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