Tate: Outback 'same as every other game'

Drew Tate talks about preparing for the Florida Gators, reflecting on the season, and more in this premium Q&A transcript.

Q: (On playing in the Outback Bowl)

Drew Tate: It'll be pretty much the same as it has been every game here. We've got the whole state watching every weekend, we're on ESPN around the country, then the ABC regional, that's a third of the country, it's pretty much going to be the same as every other game.

Q: So much has been made of that recruiting trip when you and Chris Leak were here at the same time. Kirk said you told him that if they took Chris, what do you remember about being recruited?

Tate: I didn't say that. When I came up here on my visit, I was still committed to A&M, alright. I was waiting to see, I had other visits set up after that. Just to say someone's coming here doesn't mean I'm not going to go there, anything like that. I was seeing what I wanted to do, I wanted to visit other places and make my decision. I don't remember ever saying that "If he comes here, I'm not coming here." Whatever.

Q: That said, do you look forward to the head-to-head battle?

Tate: No, I don't know anything about him. He's doing a good job at Florida, that's all I know. What he does doesn't bother me, it doesn't reflect what I do or anything. I play at Iowa, I play with the guys I play with, in the scheme that we play with. He does what he does, I do what I do.

Q: What concerns you about this Florida defense?

Tate: I'd say they're up there with Ohio State and Michigan, a lot of athletes. Now that they've got the new staff in, that probably brought a little intensity, especially on defense. They've got a lot of athletes and they've got a good scheme. When you've got guys that can run like that from the d-line all the way up to the safeties, it makes it hard on anyone.

Q: When you look back on this season, can you pick one that would be your top play from this year?

Tate: I don't know.

Q: If not your favorite, maybe just one you'll always remember?

Tate: I can't think of it right now, I don't know, I'm sorry.

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