Pre-Outback Q&A Transcript: Chad Greenway

Chad Greenway met with the media on Wednesday, read what he had to say in this premium transcript.

Q: Have you patterned your play after any NFL linebacker?

Chad Greenway: Not really. Playing in college football, you don't get a chance to watch the NFL because you always practice on Sunday. Everybody always makes the comparison to Brian Urlacher. I don't know if it is because he's 6'3" and white or whatever, but the comparison gets made. I guess if I played the most like anybody, it would probably be him.

Q: Yeah, but he weighs 258.

Greenway: I'm getting there.

Q: What are you now?

Greenway: About 247.

Q: Ok. 10 pounds and you're there.

Greenway: I don't think he really weighs 258 by the way, you can't believe everything you read. You guys should know that.

Q: Today is when you start putting in the game plan?

Greenway: Yeah. We've done some things, just littler things, but today's the day where it starts to get a little more fun. We've been doing some fundamental things that were great for younger players, and the same things I went through a few years ago. Today is where it starts getting fun, we get to start preparing for those guys.

Q: What have you guys been doing up to this point, how much film have you watched?

Greenway: I try to stay away from the film a little bit right now because we're so far away. I tend to be a guy that if I watch too much film early I get sick of it. I love watching film and game planning, but if you keep watching the same thing over and over again it gets old. You over prepare almost. I've watched some, going to start doing a lot more now that we get the game plan, just start from there.

Q: So there's a fine line there.

Greenway: Yeah, you don't want to burn yourself out, but you want to be prepared. Today, when we start on the game plan, you can start taking that and implementing it into the film. That's what you really want to do, I think that'll start today.

Q: What do you remember about Tampa, what's the best?

Greenway: Ybor City. (laughs) No, I actually never went there. It's just a great bowl game, it's a great atmosphere, a great chance to go back and have another chance at that. What we'll remember more is the win, that's what I think we need to focus on. If we get the win, we'll have a lot fonder memories of it.

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