Outback Postgame Transcript - Ed Hinkel

Ed Hinkel spoke with the media following Monday's 24-31 loss to Florida in the Outback Bowl. Read what he had to say in this premium transcript.

Q: Does it seem like just yesterday you were winning a state championship (in Erie) or does it feel like a long time ago?

Ed Hinkel: It seems like it was forever ago. It was fun to come here and win two Big Ten championships and a couple of bowl games. It is a bit unfortunate that we are going out on the down side. We will look back, in a couple of days, and know that we had great careers.

Q: What about your family that traveled on board the "Ed Hinkel Train"?

Hinkel: It was awesome the way my family always showed up. They supported me from day one, saying that they were going to get out to the games. That is what they have done.

Q: What do you say to your parents today when you see them walking out for the last time?

Hinkel: I don't know, it is going to be tough. But, hopefully I can give them some more games.

Q: How difficult was it to walk off of that field for the final time – especially with a loss like this?

Hinkel: It was tough and obviously we would have liked to come out with a win. We are all going to walk out of here holding our heads high.

Q: There were a lot of questionable calls by the referees out there.

Hinkel: There is really nothing we can do about it. We can only worry about things that are under our control. We have been in that situation before and just have to keep playing. We cannot worry about what is going on with the refs.

Q: Were you on the field for the onside kick?

Hinkel: No I was not.

Q: That was a great kick by Schlicher.

Hinkel: That was awesome. You couldn't put it in a better place. The guys did a great job of recovering it. I don't know, I guess we had someone offside. Who knows.

Q: What does it tell you about your team that you were able to come back and make a game of it?

Hinkel: It says a lot about this program. We are not going to give up no matter what the score is. We never gave up at Arizona State last year. We are just never going to give up until that last whistle.

Q: It is probably a bit surreal that you have played your last game as a Hawkeye – what is/are some of the most positive memories you had?

Hinkel: Just getting to know all the guys on the teams, all the seniors. It has been awesome. Everyone wants to stay in touch and keep our relationships.

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