Outback Postgame Transcript - Brian Ferentz

Brian Ferentz spoke with the media following Monday's 24-31 loss to Florida in the Outback Bowl. Read what he had to say in this premium transcript.

Q: If you had to talk about next year's line, who would you tout?

Brian Ferentz: We have guys like Dace (Richardson) and Seth (Olsen). Those guys have played well when called upon. Other guys have practiced well like Andy Kuempel. He is a name you might want to consider. Rafael (Eubanks) has practiced very well, too. If I had to guess for next year I would say that Mike (Elgin) would move back to center – so we will upgrade there. It would be: right tackle Marshall (Yanda), right guard Seth Olsen, center Mike Elgin, left guard Mike Jones again, and left tackle Dace Richardson.

Q: How hard is it to beat a team when a team goes for broke and takes chances?

Ferentz: They won the game right? They never relaxed or played the odds, doing what one might consider conventional. Their last drive they made up a bunch of clock time with a big punt fake. When you make good on those risks you take you are tough to beat. They were awfully tough to beat. Hitting that fake punt – that is the most gutsy call I had ever seen. If you miss something like that you are a moron. But he is a genius now.

Q: What was it like to play for your father as a coach?

Ferentz: It is an experience I would not trade. It is certainly no fun to end it like this, but I think the world of him. I got to know him as a professional and a man, but as a coach also. I wish every son could experience. Seeing him as a professional gives me more respect for him. It really opened my eyes about him.

Q: Are you thinking about following in his foot steps?

Ferentz: Sure, I would love to coach. It will probably be at Iowa, that is a bunch of speculation. I want to get away from Iowa….at least for a while.

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