Horner & Brunner Elated with Win, Fans

The seniors were very appreciative of the Iowa City crowd in their post game comments

Q: Is this the first time that you can remember the students storming the floor?

Jeff Horner: I think so. Unless it was my freshman year when we beat Illinois, that might have been the only other time.

Q: How fun was it to see the students so involved?

Horner: It was awesome. I shook their hands and jumped in there. We were all jumping around. It was a lot of fun and hopefully there will be more like that.

Q: How is it playing with the knee brace?

Horner: It's kind of odd. But that stuff happens. You have to live with it and think that its not there and keep playing.

Q: Was it different this year with fewer Illinois fans in your arena than in years past?

Horner: Last year, the game started and Illinois stuck up their shirts and they were dressed in Iowa clothes. It was good to see our fans get into it. Hopefully they will keep coming.

Q: You just gave them a reason to come back.

Horner: We knew this was a big game for us, as we could not go 0-2. It will be big in the NCAA's.

Q: This was your last time playing Illinois and Dee Brown in this arena.

Horner: I love playing against Dee Brown. He is a competitor. He and I fall on the ground more than anyone, probably. The last four years we have helped each other up. I look forward to playing him again.

Q: Is it a good rivalry? It doesn't seem nasty/

Horner: We love it. They play so hard. You play against them for four years, its fun playing against teams you know will give you a challenge. That is what they did tonight.

Q: You don't get a chance to beat the sixth-ranked team very often.

Horner: You don't get many chances like this. We had a few chances against #1 last year. This only comes around once in a while and to beat them at all is great.

Q: Did you see it coming?

Horner: Coach told me yesterday that we were going to win this one. I kind of felt it. We knew we had to play as hard as we could and we knew our offense would be OK. We didn't read the papers after the Wisconsin game, because we knew it would be bad. We knew we played bad, but we had to forget it.

Q: What was said in locker room on Thursday night or in Friday's practices?

Horner: Bru and I know what to expect from coach. He was mad and you can tell when he is mad. He just doesn't say anything. But I was surprised to see him very upbeat yesterday. He knew we had a game yesterday and coach just said we have to win this game; we can't start 0-2. We bought into it.

Q: What can you say about the way you guys shut down Dee Brown?

Horner: Dee is one of the best in the league and Mike Henderson didn't give him anything easy. We definitely needed that to win.

Q: Illinois closed it to three late, but then you got a big shot from Erek and a steal from Mike.

Horner: It was huge. It shows everyone that those two are a big part of the team. People don't realize that. A lot of people bash Erek, but no one knows how much he helps this team.

Greg Brunner

Q: How hard was it getting geared up for this after the Wisconsin loss?

Greg Brunner: We had to look past the Wisconsin game and we will enjoy this one, and the split and it makes the loss look better.

Q: What does it say when you shoot 35 percent and beat Illinois?

Brunner: It says that our defense is pretty good. It has been all year. We have not been making shots and have been working hard on the defensive end. We are shutting down pretty good teams.

Q: What happened between the Wisconsin loss and today?

Brunner: It's a situation that when we had to make shots this game, we did. Our defense also stepped up today.

Q: Did you feel like you let one slip away on the road?

Brunner: Yeah, it's always good to win on the road. Not very often do you march into the Kohl Center and win. You know it's a tough place to play. It was a situation where we didn't finish.

Q: Is the Big Ten going to be like that?

Brunner: The Big Ten will be up and down. There are so many good teams from top to bottom and anyone can beat anyone. The key is to get the fans in here like they were today. They were amazing and we appreciate it very much. It was one of the most enjoyable games of my career.

Q: Was it nice to see the Illini fans go home unhappy?

Brunner: The last two years there have been a lot of Illinois fans here and it has not been very fun, because they were happy. Tonight was a different story

Q: What did you think of the crowd and your dad storming the court?

Brunner: My dad was down there? Oh, great. That was the first time I have done that. To be honest, it was one of the greatest feelings in the world, jumping out there with the students. Hopefully that can keep on getting bigger.

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