Schrage Looking to Continue the Tradition

Aplington-Parkersburg has always been good to the Hawkeyes, and the Hawks are hoping for the same this year with 6'2 190 ATH Taylor Schrage. Taylor comes from the same pipeline as Jared DeVries with his athletic ability in high school. Will Taylor decide to follow the same path of college as Jared and possibly have the same success with the help of Coach Doyle and staff?

Certainly, not many small town high school football players in Iowa realistically dream of playing divison one football and possibly extending their careers in the NFL. However, with the success Coach Ed Thomas and Aplington-Parkersburg has achieved, it would not be hard to believe Taylor has grown up with these thoughts dancing like sugar plums in his head.

"Oh yeah, kids definitely grow up with the dreams of playing college football and possibly playing in the NFL," Taylor said. "We have all witnessed the success and we all want to continue the tradition. Having all these players come back and seeing them in person gives us all the hope of being on that level someday."

Taylor's older brother, Landon Schrage, did not quite earn himself a scholarship out of high school, but is on the Iowa State football team as a preferred walk-on. Could that help persuade Taylor to possibly continue his NFL dreams at a school besides Iowa?

"No, I will not really be influenced by that factor. I want to make my own decision. I have to feel comfortable with where I am at as I do not want to base my future on something else besides my own concerns."

Taylor currently has offers from both in-state schools. Nebraska and Kansas State also stopped by Aplington-Parkersburg to recruit Taylor during the month of May. Taylor plans to camp at all four schools this summer.

"I do not have a favorite right now. I more than likely will make my decision after the camps and before my season based on where I feel most comfortable. However, if I feel something else may develop or that there is an opporunity I might miss out on then I will take a little longer time to make my decision."

It seems a lot of times that it is only the Hawk fans that really dig into the fact of the attendance factor at both in-state schools. However, that factor was one of the main differences Taylor expressed to me between Iowa and Iowa State.

"Iowa has a really good atmosphere. There was a ton of people at the Iowa spring game compared to Iowa State's."

What else has really impressed Taylor about Iowa?

"Iowa has a great coaching staff. The staff is full of classy guys."

Taylor rushed for 1,749 yards on 253 attempts this past season. On the defensive side of the ball, Taylor had 73 tackles, two sacks, and two imterceptions. Also, he scored 28 rushing touchdowns and also scored two defensive touchdowns. This fall, Taylor will once again be playing inside linebacker and fullback.

"I play fullback because our offense is set more for the fullback. We run a lot of quick huddles and then line up in the trap formation. This gives me a lot of sweeps at the fullback position."

Hawk fans will now have to sit it out and wait for Taylor to finish his tour of summer camps. Right now, the Hawks have a lot going for them in the case of Taylor's recruitment. Will he choose to continue the Aplington-Parkersburg pipeline to Iowa? Coach Ferentz and staff hope so as they would love the opporunity to further develop another NFL'er from Aplington-Parkersburg.

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