Clayborn '100 Percent' Committed to Iowa

Defensive end Adrian Clayborn (6'3.5 250) says that his commitment to the University of Iowa is stronger now than it did a month ago when he made it. That comes after attempts by a Big 12 school to try and shake Clayborn's confidence in Iowa, namely that Kirk Ferentz might be going to the NFL. What team came calling? What is the latest with Clayborn, rated as the top prep football player in the state of Missouri? Read on to find out, plus get the latest on of Iowa's recruiting activity...

Defensive end Adrian Clayborn (6'3.5 250) says that his commitment to the University of Iowa is stronger now than it did a month ago when he made it.

"I feel a lot more comfortable with Iowa now than I even did when I made my commitment," Clayborn said. "Coach (Eric) Johnson was just in my house tonight for an in-home visit and I have had Coach (Kirk) Ferentz stop by as well; I continue to talk with Coach (Ron) Aiken. I've even kept relationships with some of the players at Iowa, including my host on my visit, Kalvin Bailey."

There was purpose to Coach Johnson's in-home visit this evening, too.

"First, we went over how I should fill out the scholarship players," said Clabyborn, who said he has also developed somewhat of a relationship with fellow St. Louis native and future teammate Paul Chaney. "He also spoke to my mother about the rumors of Coach Ferentz leaving for the NFL, and assured her that he was staying."

Clayborn's mother had been informed of the rumors by Missouri.

"Missouri stopped by my school, and they were calling my mother telling us that Coach Ferentz was leaving for the NFL. When Coach Ferentz told me he was staying then I knew I had nothing to worry about. My commitment to Iowa is 100%," Clayborn said.

Clayborn was recently named the Metro Defensive Player of the Year by the St. Louis Dispatch. Clayborn has also excelled in the classroom, and if you talk to Webster Grove head coach Cliff Ice, he'll telling you nothing but great things about Adrian.

One incident this winter that led to Clayborn quitting the team did put a negative label, which in my opinion through my dealings with Clayborn, is one that was not deserved.

"In one our basketball games, our team was losing, and there were only a few seconds left. I kept playing and hustling, and I went after a jump ball. Another kid shoved me afterwards, and I shoved him back. When I got over to the bench, my head coach immediately blamed it all on me. I already had a rocky relationship with him, and I told one of the assistants I was quitting, and I walked off the court. After the game, the other player and I shook hands. It was a situation that was really overblown, and I wasn't even enjoying basketball, anyway," Clayborn stated.

After joking with Adrian about a possible anger management problem, he replied, "Only on the football field."

Lastly, it appears there is a chance Clayborn may see playing time next fall.

"Coach Johnson told me that I have the potential to play next year, but I know that it is going to require a lot. I'm going in with the mindset to contribute, and will perform to my best ability, but I know the coaches will make the decision they feel is appropriate. Really, it is going to depend on how much improvement I make this spring and summer," Clayborn concluded.

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