Quotes: Doug Thomas

Doug Thomas talks about the fans, defensive intensity, and looking forward to the second half in this premium transcript.

Q: Coming off the bench, you really sparked the team.

Doug Thomas: I was just watching tape form Ohio State last year at Carver. I saw how I fought them hard and I just tried to do it the same way. He's a good player, he's 6'9", 260 pounds. If you just play lax on him, he'll kill you like he did early. He had 14 points quickly. That could have turned into a 30 point game, but we kind of contained him. He kind of got tired, we did a good job of telling coaches when we needed subs, I just had to be an energy guy off the bench, just executing in the minutes I get. I just think I give coach my all, do whatever he asks me to do.

Q: What about defense?

Thomas: Defense has kind of been my strong point. At Southeastern I had a lot of blocked shots. My freshman year I had 76 blocked shots. Here, Erek Hansen's a phenomenal shot blocker. If I'm in with him, which is very seldom, I'm just going to stay on the ground because he's changing shots. That's rebounds for me. I'm just feeling good, we did a good job on Killingsworth and it carried over to tonight. It doesn't get any easier, the second half of the season we have to play them again. We don't play them again until maybe the Big Ten Tournament. It's going to be even harder, because the scouting report is better. Just have to come out and play like warriors every night.

Q: Erek picked up two fouls quickly, you came in defensively, you were huge. Talk about your offense.

Thomas: I came into shoot around today, and I was just shooting around and my shot was feeling good. I was backing up, shooting threes just playing around, all of them were going in. I was like "Nah, I shouldn't do that, that's another reason for coach to take me out." I just stayed within my range, 15 feet, I just kept shooting. Even though that one I shot six feet over the rim, I kept shooting. Executing and running the floor like Coach wants me to do. By me doing that, it brings another powerful presence off the bench.

Q: You really attacked the hole today.

Thomas: That one dunk, I was surprised that hole opened up so wide. That was the exact same play I got against Arizona State. If I keep seeing that hole, I'm going to keep attacking it until people stop it. I'm just going to keep playing hard every time I'm on the court.

Q: It seems you feed off the crowd and the crowd feeds off you. Talk about your relationship with the crowd, you have fun out there.

Thomas: I love the fans. None of this would be possible without the fans, the sellout crowd tonight was phenomenal. The fans kind of pump us up. I get out there and I wave my hands cause I want crowd to get up off their seats and get energized in there. That'll feed to us and that'll make us play harder. Us playing harder, the fans are going to cheer louder. If the fans are into it, we're into it. If we're into it, I want the fans to get into it right with us.

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