Quotes: Greg Brunner

Greg Brunner talks about the fans, first place in the Big Ten, and the Jeff Horner in this premium transcript.

Q: How's that powerade?

Greg Brunner: It's good.

Q: Big win tonight?

Brunner: Huge win. We just have to keep it going, Purdue's a great team.

Q: First place in the Big Ten, what does that mean to you?

Brunner: First time since my freshman year when we went 3-0, it's a good feeling. Just got to keep it and run off the momentum.

Q: Defense again tonight?

Brunner: I don't know how much they scored in the last 8 minutes, but Coach really challenged us and we stepped up to it. Right away we got away from our style, then at the end we played our style of basketball.

Q: OSU did not make a field goal in the last 6 and a half minutes, 1 free throw.

Brunner: I'll take that every game. It would be a lot easier that way. Yet again, we've got to come down and make shots at our end too.

Q: How about the play of Doug? Erek picked up two quick fouls.

Brunner: Yeah, he's a senior. He knows what he has to do. He's been here two years now, he wants to win just as bad as everyone else. He knows it is his last year. Four more games at Carver, got to make them special.

Q: You had some bad stretches, but overall, it seems like the offense has started to work.

Brunner: I think we're starting to make some more shots, maybe get a bit more confident. I don't understand why we struggled at the beginning of the year, I mean, the last I don't know how many games. But I think we're starting to come around a little bit, hopefully we can continue it.

Q: How did you guys shut down Dials? He scored a ton of points early in the game.

Brunner: We tried to get him away from the basket a bit further. He got a lot of points right next to the basket. He's a big-bodied center, he can control the paint if he wants he, you've got to make sure you get him out of there.

Q: Did you get a chance to talk to any of the Fab Five?

Brunner: Yeah, we talked to them yesterday, sat down and chatted with them. They wished us the best, we said hopefully we'll be up in your caliber some day.

Q: What does it mean when Jeff isn't playing well, for the rest of the team to pick him up?

Brunner: I wouldn't say Jeff didn't play well at all. It's part of it. When somebody's not having a good shooting game you've got to pick them up, but Jeff also leads our team. If you watch the tape, when he wasn't in, that's when we got stagnant, that's when we didn't score.

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