Quotes: Adam Haluska

Adam Haluska talks about the fans, first place in the Big Ten, scoring 16 in a half in this premium transcript.

Adam Haluska: We were running with them a little bit, I thought we did a great job of getting big stops when we needed to.

Q: How about first place in the Big Ten?

Haluska: I think it's big. It's something that we'd aspired to. We were really anxious for this year to come and to be in this situation that we wanted to be. We're excited, going to keep working harder.

Q: What's the difference between the first and second half. 16 in the first half, what about the second half?

Haluska: Well. (Laughs) I was pretty aggressive in the first half, I think maybe I just relaxed a little bit. I thought everybody else picked it up. We got a win, that's all that counts. I can't really look back on it and say, "two points." We won. I can't be any happier. If it takes no points to win, then no points it is.

Q: Talk about the play of the big men.

Haluska: They had a big assignment with Dials down low. You can't say enough about our bigs all over the floor. Getting rebounds, making key stops, they did a tremendous job today.

Q: Was this a defensive win again?

Haluska: I think so. Our goal on the defensive board is to hold teams under 65 and we keep doing that. We take a lot of pride in that. As long as we keep holding teams under 65 we're telling ourselves we can keep getting wins. We're pretty excited about it.

Q: The fans stay off the court after the game, you guys go to them.

Haluska: We appreciate their support so much, we really do. We're not getting these wins without their support. When we go on runs they're big, but when we go into a funk and need a pick-me-up, they do a great job of getting us going, getting us excited. They're a big part of our success here.

Q: The fans took the court after the Indiana game. You hear the announcement, "Stay off the court." Is that Coach Alford or was that you guys, or was that just spontaneous?

Haluska: It was kind of spontaneous to go and thank the crowd. I figured they probably couldn't rush the court anymore. People were getting a little upset about that. We can't get any happier. We love it when we're able to interact with the fans. We know they're excited, we're excited. It didn't really matter to us, we really wanted to thank them.

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