Brunner: "It's going to be fun"

Greg Brunner talks about fan support, finding a rhythm on offense, preparation for games, and looking forward to the rest of the season in this premium transcript.

Q: (On the crowd)

Greg Brunner: They're the 6th man out there. Our crowd has been superb. I think that everybody wants to play extremely hard because you don't want to go back to what we had. Those past 3 years were tough, we had great fan support. I'm not knocking the fans at all, a lot of people came and joined, were cheering us on, but it's picked up 10 levels. It's hard to even explain. Our students are amazing; they're having fun with us. It's one of those situations that I'm happy it's happening my senior year, because I get to go out with a bang now.

Q: How is it that you're able to go from having a game like Michigan State to having a game like this?

Brunner: It's Big Ten basketball, that's the only thing I can really say to you. Look at what happened to them, they had a huge game against us, then they go to play at Michigan and it was one of those situations where they didn't play well against Michigan. I thought Michigan played alright tonight, but I think a lot of shots just went down for us. It's one of those situations where they hustled and everything like that, but on certain nights you can't win when shots like that are falling.

Q: How have you guys been able to start hitting shots?

Brunner: I'm not even going to think about it, I'm just going to be happy that it's happening finally. The beginning of the year it was the exact opposite, it seemed like we had a lid on top of the rim.

Q: Are you guys getting more shots in your offense?

Brunner: We're more comfortable and more confident with each other. We're starting to have that cohesiveness. If you look at our passing tonight, we were amazing. We moved the ball exceptionally well. Everybody threw the ball around on a string. It was just so quick, you've got a guy and it just creates open shots.

Q: When you guys were all over the floor, Jeff was out there playing with cotton (in his nose), does it feel like you're playing tougher than you have been?

Brunner: I just think that we've been playing at a different level than we have the past 3 years. I think it pays off because of the effort the guys put in during the summer and the spring and the fall. It's finally paying off for us.

Q: Maybe it's just winning, but things seem contagious out there.

Brunner: Yeah. Guys having smiles on their faces, jumping around. The difference between this team (and others), when Adam hits a 3, everyone's jumping up and congratulating him, and then it's the same thing, everybody's happy for each other. Nobody's worried about what they get, it's all about if this team wins. That's from 1-16 on this team, that's the way it is. And the coaches. It's one of those situations that if we can continue to have, it's going to be fun.

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