Haluska: "Coach has got our back"

Read what Adam Haluska had to say about Steve Alford, Jeff Horner, and finding an offense in this premium transcript.

Adam Haluska: Guys were just hitting open shots, it's good to see, I'll take the win.

Q: When Jeff got hit in the nose, did that fire you guys up a little bit?

Haluska: I think that was one of the turning points, just because it's our home turf, Jeff's our leader out there. He came back quick and I thought he was just really fired up after that.

Q: Do you remember the last time you watched the last 3 minutes of a big game from the bench?

Haluska: That's what I was telling some of the other guys. I was like "Man, I never knew the game would be like this." We were happy to get everybody in there, it was just a great atmosphere again.

Q: Is this what you envisioned when you (made the decision to transfer)?

Haluska: Yeah, definitely. I think that's what everybody envisioned, Jeff, Greg. I'm glad to see it for Jeff and Greg especially. They've been here through thick and thin. They've done so much for this program and now it's all paying off.

Q: Have you ever been a part of a game where your team shot this well?

Haluska: I don't think so. It was pretty impressive. I think the thing that's so great about it is that everybody's playing so unselfishly. That's what given us these key wins.

Q: It seemed like everybody that shot the ball shot well.

Haluska: I think that goes along with confidence, too. I think everybody is just playing at a high level right now. This is our home territory, guys are really excited to play here, I think there is a lot of confidence, too.

Q: Can you guys step back a bit and really enjoy this? Four in a row.

Haluska: We looked at this little mini-series here. Coach broke it down each game, and this is a big part of what we wanted to do. We're trying to go 8-2 through this 4-game series and so far we've won 3. We're trying to break things up, kind of like how he breaks down the game.

Q: Coach says this is kind of a lesson that you don't want to mess with a team's leader. Jeff gets the bloody nose, Coach Alford has a discussion with the official, and you guys never looked back.

Haluska: I think that's another thing too. We were fired up. Just like you said, our leader got his nose busted up a little bit. It's exciting for us too, Coach has got our back. He's fighting for us just as hard as we're fighting for him.

Q: You had the three pointer from the baseline after Bru's drive to the basket, that was pretty much it.

Haluska: I think it just opened up. One of those things where I had a clear look at the basket and took it. I think that would have been the same for everybody else, too. Everybody's shot was going in, that's what made it so fun, especially towards the end. You've got so many guys who don't get a lot of minutes coming in, they're stepping in and hitting shots too.

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