Quotes: Jeff Horner

Jeff Horner spoke with the media after Iowa's victory over Michigan. Read what he had to say in this premium transcript.

Q: (How's your nose?)

Jeff Horner: It's doing alright, a little bloody, a bit teary-eyed. Everything's fine, it's not broken or anything like that.

Q: Coach Alford said this was a little bit of an example of how you don't mess with a team's leader. Big guys kind of rallied around you a little bit, is that how you saw it?

Horner: It kind of felt like it. It seemed like we couldn't miss a shot in the 2nd half. I think that's about as well as we could have played. Michigan's a great team, and we just played really well today. I hope that's what they're thinking, I'm not sure. We definitely did a very good job today.

Q: Take me through that screen. It's Graham Brown, he's trying to set up his teammate.

Horner: I didn't really see it, all of a sudden I just turned to the left and it hit me. I thought my nose was bleeding. I felt it once, and didn't feel anything. The next time I felt it, it was (bleeding). I just wanted to get back in the game.

Q: It seemed like field goal percentage has been a problem for you guys most of the year. How does it feel to be on the other end of the spectrum today?

Horner: It feels great. I knew we'd come around sooner or later, having the shooters and the players we have. We did a very good job of that today, and Wednesday we did too. If we can just keep that going. We need to pick up our defense, our defense was slacking the last couple of games. We need to pick that up.

Q: (A question on what he was thinking after the hard screen)

Horner: I wasn't sure, I just knew I wanted to get some gauze up there so I could get back in the game as soon as possible. I was just thinking, "I've got to get back in," that's pretty much all I was thinking.

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