Quotes: PSU Postgame - Mike Henderson

Mike Henderson spoke about Iowa's victory over Penn State. Read what he had to say in this premium update.

Q: What did you find out about the Ohio State game?

Mike Henderson: I believe Ohio State ended up making a last-second lay-up or something like that.

Q: What'd you think about that?

Henderson: When they first came and told me they said Northwestern was up one with a certain amount of seconds left. Then I heard they made a lay-up, so I was kind of mad. I think they play Purdue now, we're just hoping Purdue (can do something).

Q: There's still a lot riding on it, even if you don't win a Big Ten Title.

Henderson: Yeah. There's definitely a lot riding on the game. The seeding, things like that. We'll just have to see how things play out.

Q: Including an undefeated home season.

Henderson: Oh yeah, definitely. We definitely want to do that, it's senior night, guys like Jeff, Brunner, we definitely want to come out on a good note.

Q: Was it important to jump on these guys right away in the first half?

Henderson: Definitely. They've been playing very good, they stay around for a while, they can really take a game over and things like that. For us to come out and really execute early, I think that was the key.

Q: And you had 'the stroke'

Henderson: Yeah. I was just getting a lot of open shots. They were paying a lot of attention to guys like Jeff and Adam, and my shot was going down.

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