Quotes: PSU Postgame - Adam Haluska

Adam Haluska spoke about Iowa's victory over Penn State. Read what he had to say in this premium update.

Q: You guys have a chance now for an undefeated home season. Are you focused on that for Saturday's game?

Adam Haluska: It's something we really strive to accomplish and it's one of the goals we had at the beginning of the year, it's one goal we want, and hopefully we can achieve it.

Q: How hard will it be to keep your concentration on your game and not the Purdue game?

Haluska: There's nothing we can do about the Purdue game, just like tonight. We weren't worried about it until afterward. They won and we've just got to do our job. If it happens, if they lose, it happens, but we're not expecting it

Q: Is it accurate to say your shot's back?

Haluska: A little bit, yeah. It felt good out there, and I think everyone was just playing really unselfish and playing well together, it was a lot of fun.

Q: The defense has been a team thing all year. What's been the secret about buying into that philosophy?

Haluska: I think the biggest thing is that guys are buying into helping one another. Personally, I have a problem thinking that if I'm guarding my guy it's my guy. That's difficult because you've got to be out there helping one another. We've really bought into that and it's been successful, we're seeing the benefits of it.

Q: How important do you think this kind of defense is going to be as you move into the Big Ten as you move in the NCAAs. ?

Haluska: We always talk about defense wins games and it's going to win championships. If we just stick to it I hope it takes us a long way.

Q: Was anyone slipping you the Northwestern/Ohio State score on the bench?

Haluska: I didn't know until the end of the game. I think Corey Alford was checking it once in a while, but I didn't know until the very end.

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