OLB/DE Jermaine Dias Looking at the Hawks

It was not too long ago that the Iowa Hawkeyes celebrated the commitment of Hackensack, NJ LB Vernon Rollins. Another star has emerged in Hackensack in a year that the Hawks are working especially hard on establishing a strong base in New Jersey. Jermaine Dias, 6'2, 215, LB, is drawing the same type of accolades that Rollins did. Will the Hawks improved effort in New Jersey help result in gaining a visit from one of the nation's top linebackers?

After my recent report about linebacker coach Darrell Wilson's effort and impact in New Jersey, I was alerted by former Hawkeye LB, Vernon Rollins, of a new stud appearing in Hackensack, NJ. Many experts have ranked 6'2 215 OLB/DE Jermaine Dias as a Top 100 player nationally. Certainly the Hawks would love to gain another high school all-american from Hackensack.

"I have over 20 offers right now as I believe it stands at 22," Jermaine said. "Miami(FL), Virginia, North Carolina, Michigan, Boston College, and Iowa would be my top schools at the moment. I took a visit to Virginia twice and came away very impressed as the campus is very beautiful."

Coach Wilson stopped by Hackensack High School and also called Jermaine during the month of May. This gave Jermaine a chance to find out more on his possible opportunity at Iowa.

"I spoke to Coach Wilson about how I would fit into the scheme at Iowa. He told me they like me at OLB, but if I put on enough weight that I could play weakside defensive end. Coach Wilson was a very nice guy and handled me well. Iowa started recruiting me very early so I believe I owe them a chance. My head coach told me how good the facilites are out in Iowa City."

So has Jermaine had the chance to speak to his predecessor, LB Vernon Rollins?

"I know Vernon and he did speak to me when he was recently in town," Jermaine told HTO.com with a sincere laugh. "Vernon is a great guy and very funny. I heard all of the stories on how he played back in high school so I went and grabbed some film to view his game. He was a legend in Hackensack so I just have to pick-up where he left off. I know he had a great career going before he blew out his leg. I thought it was great of Iowa coaches to stick it out with him and help him land a job. That really impresses me about how they handle things."

With Jermaine having virtually the choice to attend any college in America, what will be the factors that stand out most in his mind?

"I'd like a chance to play for the majority of my career. I would like to start receiving some good playing time by my red-shirt sophmore year. I also want to go to a place with good academic support, as I want to graduate. Its important I have a diploma in case football does not work out. I also want to know that I can trust the coaching staff and people around me."

It appears that Vernon has already started to rub off on Jermaine. Jermaine should have no problem qualifying with a 2.65 GPA and 840 on the SAT. He has no plans to attend any camps this summer, but did express a serious interest in making an unofficial visit to Iowa City.

The Hawks seem to fit all of Jermaine's biggest factors very well. Will the Hawks be able to go two for two in Hackensack and their high school All-Americans at LB? Only time will tell, but the Hawks should have a chance to shine in person with a visit from Jermaine.

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