Quotes: Steve Alford Senior Day Speech

Steve Alford spoke to the fans at Carver-Hawkeye Arena following a Senior Day victory over Wisconsin. Read what he had to say in this FREE transcript.

Steve Alford

There have been a lot of great teams that have played on this floor, but none have gone undefeated. This team did that.

We have a great group of seniors, 2 managers along with five players. It's a very special group, I think the legacy that they'll leave will go far beyond this year. One, we've got a lot of work yet to do. Their character, their intangibles, the way they've presented themselves throughout their careers, that's something, as a head coach, that I very, very much appreciate. Thank you.

All season, they have a lot of goals and there's still a lot of goals out there to achieve, but one of the goals was to go undefeated in this very special building. In my tenure, I've never really been able to control what the media writes, but I would like for something to be written tomorrow in tomorrow's paper. Not only were we undefeated, but in our 17 wins, 9 of them came against top 25 opponents.

I'd like the seniors to come out, both managers, Mike and Bret, our managers do an incredible job for us.

(Students yell for media to sit down, as they're blocking the view of the players and family)

I'd ask that you sit for your pictures, because our student body can't see.

(Students chant "Don't leave Steve")

This is always a special time, because a lot of the seniors express their gratitude and thanks for playing and managing at such a great institution. On behalf of the staff, guys, we've really enjoyed watching you go through our program, not just on the floor, but off the floor, academically, what you do in the communities and at the hospitals, all the things that we ask you to do, you volunteer your time. You are very exemplary of what we want from our student athletes and managers. We've got a lot of play left, but let's enjoy this as well.

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