Quotes: Justin Wieck Senior Day Speech

Justin Wieck spoke in front of the fans at Carver-Hawkeye Arena following a Senior Day victory over Wisconsin. Read what he had to say in this FREE transcript.

Justin Wieck

I don't have much to say, I know Brunner's got a big list here.

I just want to thank my family, first of all. I've got about 30 of them here today. (Cheers from the nosebleed seats) There they are, way up at the top.

I really would like to thank [unintelligible] and my girlfriend Laura. Her family has been like a second family, ever since I've been in High School and been in college. I'd also like to thank the coaching staff for allowing me to come here in the first place. I came here as a walk-on, they really accepted me with open arms. I've always wanted to be a Hawkeye, all my life, I grew up in Iowa City. I had the chance to come here, it was really special for me. Thank you guys very much.

I also want to thank the players, we've been through a lot. I've only been here for two years, but we see each other every day, we go on the road, a lot of special memories that I'll have for the rest of my life. Especially the seniors, when I came here these guys accepted me as a real close member of their family, and I appreciate that very much.

Last off, I want to thank my parents. I really don't think I'd be here today if it wasn't for the way that they raised me. They've been going with me everywhere I go, they drive to every road game, they drive to Purdue on a Wednesday just to see me play. Everything they do for me, I really appreciate it. They were behind me when I wanted to come here in the first place. As a walk-on, that's a big financial burden, and they supported me in every way. Thank you guys very much, I love you.

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