Iowa-OSU: Title Game Quotes

Post game comments from Steve Alford, Greg Brunner, Jeff Horner, Thad Matta, Terence Dials and JJ Sullinger

Steve Alford Post Game

Opening statement:
"This is a very special day for our program and the student-athletes who have worked very hard to get to this point. Our seniors have been terrific their entire careers and have developed, matured, and gotten better and better; now they are reaping the benefits from an awful lot of hard work. Jeff Horner and Greg Brunner have really been the catalysts of what we have all been about, with getting through the hard times and fighting back. Jeff and Greg have both fought through there injuries. This is a very special win in a lot ways for our program and we are really appreciative of these two guys."

On subbing Greg Brunner for Alex Thompson:
"We had an awful lot of the game still left and just didn't feel right when Brunner received that fourth foul because the game was tight. We talked long and hard about it and (Alex) has been a backup for Brunner for a long time. This has really built his courage and confidence; he made great passes and had great rebounding in the last stretch. We went two minutes without Brunner and brought him back in the end. "

On Jeff Horner:

"He is the catalyst, the spirit of the team, and the guys feed off his energy. The start of the game and first half had a lot to do with him. He was stretching in the locker room and injured his rib and I saw a blank look on his face. We were concerned about it because when he hurts the whole team hurts. We told him in the first half, `you're such a tough individual, you have to find a way to fight through this because your teammates are really looking at you.' His demeanor in the first half vs. the second changed. Jeff just said there are no more excuses. I know Jeff was hurting and he ended phenomenal in the second half."

Jeff Horner Quotes

On the game:
"In the first half, I came out a little too excited and took bad shots. I think everyone was really riled up and I was trying to get my teammates a little more involved too. In the second half, we needed someone to step up and a lot of people did step up. I just got lucky and made the shot. The ball came my way. I beat my man off the dribble a couple of times which people say I can't do. I think that's pretty funny but that stuff happens. It's all a team effort and it was awesome tonight. It finally seems like we deserved what we got."

On the game as time expired:
"I just couldn't believe it was happening. I didn't really know what was going on. Adam got the ball and he just threw it up and came running down (the floor) then (Greg Brunner) came and gave me a big hug. It's a moment we've been waiting for and as a kid you grew up watching and you want to live it one day."

On chances of returning to Indianapolis:
"I said back on Senior Day when Coach (Alford) said `We're going to play a few more games this season.' I stepped up and said `We have nine more games to be exact.' We're down to six games now and we'd love to come back here. It would be amazing but we're focused on Northwestern State."

Greg Brunner

On the game ending sequence
"I wasn't even looking at (Haluska's shot), I was all the way at the other end (of the floor) running. I came back into the play because I realized that time was running out. It was one of the situations where I was so excited that I just took off. It was one of the greatest feelings I've had in a long time."

On his health:
"(My ankle) feels the best it has felt the whole week. (Our trainers) did a great job when they stretched under there and it finally popped. It loosened up after that point. It felt really good."

On Alex Thompson:
"He's a great player. I see that every day in practice. He's very tough to defend. He's young still and people don't understand that. He's only a sophomore and he hasn't (played) a lot of minutes. It's one of those situations where he is going to prosper and become a great player. I know that (after) seeing him every day in practice because he beats me a lot. These next two years he's going to be a true Hawkeye. That's probably the biggest shot of his career so far and it won the game for us. That's why I took off and went after him. He's the kid I've taken under my wing and I appreciate everything he does. Without that shot and without that pass to Jeff (Horner) we wouldn't have won this game."

Ohio State Head Coach Thad Matta

"I'm proud of our guys. I think it was pretty obvious we ran out of gas there down the stretch. We just didn't have enough to finish it off. I couldn't be proud enough of the effort these guys brought and the intensity they played with. We put ourselves in position to win the game but (Iowa) made the plays down the stretch and we went cold. We could not get one to go in. As I told the team, by no means do we get down. We shift into another gear and get ourselves ready to play in the NCAA Tournament."

On the team's depth:
"I don't want to take anything away from Iowa. Iowa is a very, very good basketball team. They are a great basketball team, in my opinion. It did hurt us a little bit though, when we didn't have both Matt (Sylvester) and Terence (Dials) (due to foul trouble). Down the stretch, defensively we just weren't sharp as we needed to be. Their guys got a couple of easy baskets. They got some tough baskets, too. I think we competed; we played hard. It was just one of those games that didn't go our way."

Terence Dials

On the game:

"We were pretty much in the same situation as we were when we played in Iowa City. We were in control of the whole game and then went cold at the end. The ball didn't bounce our way and you have to give credit to Iowa because they made some shots at the end. They are a pretty good team."

J.J. Sullinger

On the game:

"I think you have to give credit to Iowa because they probably made some halftime adjustments and took advantage. We felt like we had to get some defensive stops near the end especially when the ball wasn't falling in the basket. So offensively we tried to get some stops, but Iowa made some pretty big plays and they made the plays to put themselves in a situation for success. We line up to shoot the ball the same every time, but our shots weren't falling for us. Iowa played good defense. We felt like we had the looks, it just didn't fall for us. We're confident in

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