NWS Postgame Quotes: Jeff Horner

Jeff Horner spoke with the media following Iowa's loss to Northwestern State in the NCAA Tournament in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Read what he had to say in this premium transcript.

Jeff Horner: It's tough. They got that shot. It's happened before, but it's never happened to end my career and stuff, so it was tough. They're a very good basketball team. I think most of all I'll miss the guys on this team, all of them. It's a great team and I love them to death.

Q: Did you see the winning shot go up, and did you think it would go in after the first miss?

Horner: I saw it go up and he was in the deep corner, it was tough to watch. Bru grabbed the ball and I just kind of looked at him, and I looked at the clock, it's just from there on it was pretty tough to get a good shot.

Q: A game of runs today, you guys jumped out, they came back, it's got to be tough to go through those stretches, it's obviously why the outcome was today.

Horner: Yeah, it is. Especially when you're a veteran team and stuff, you've got to withstand those runs that people make. Once you get up a run like that in the second half, I think it was like 16 with 7 or 8 minutes to go, you need to be able to put a team away at that point, and we just didn't do that tonight.

Q: A little disappointing out of that, maybe?

Horner: Definitely. That's the difference between playing on Sunday and going home right now. They made a run and they came back and they hit a big shot at the end.

Q: I know it's hard to think about something else right now, but you guys didn't have all sadness this year, there were some great times this year, but this was the most recent game.

Horner: We're the Big Ten Tournament champions, and nobody can ever take that away from us. This team has so many good guys and it's just tough to lose on a last second shot like that. It's tough to lose any way, but to lose that way, it's tough. They're a very good team, nobody underestimated them, and whoever they play on Sunday, they're going to give them a battle.

Q: How hard is it knowing that you'll have to say good bye to these guys?

Horner: It's very hard, saying goodbye to these guys, all the coaches and stuff. It's part of your life that you'll never forget, things like that. That's probably why we're all so emotional right now, losing like that, and knowing that we'll say goodbye to these guys and not going to see them everyday next year, it's going to be tough.

Q: You've been a Hawkeye for a long time, even before you actually became a Hawkeye, knowing you're wearing that jersey for the last time, what has it meant to you?

Horner: It's been everything I expected it, except for some things, some problems we had and stuff. I've wanted to wear this jersey since I was in 4th grade, ever sine I started coming to their basketball camps, things like that. Knowing I'll never put it on again, it's pretty tough. I wanted to wear it for at least a few more games and stuff, but it's not going to happen. I think this senior class is full of very good people and we'll show we can move on from this and not going to let it ruin our lives.

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