NWS Postgame Quotes: Adam Haluska

Adam Haluska spoke with the media following Iowa's loss to Northwestern State in the NCAA Tournament in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Read what he had to say in this premium transcript.

Q: Tough going through stretches in the first half without scoring a field goal, then in the second half the same thing.

Adam Haluska: Yeah, we did that to ourselves. Time and time again, but we've managed to come out on top. It's a lesson learner, but it's something we'll fight through, we've just got to move on.

Q: When you see a guy like Brunner who's done so much for this program score all 16 points in the second half, 8 rebounds in the second half, and he's going to be thinking about that last free throw, though way for a senior to go out.

Haluska: Yeah, real tough. Bru means so much to everybody here, he had a tough first half, but it's what a senior does. That's what a senior does, that's what an all big ten player does. He comes back in the second half, forgets about what happened in the first half, and just takes it over. He did a tremendous job of getting us to where we were in the second half. That free throw, he might have missed it, but if he didn't play as well as he did the 2nd half, it would have been a different game anyway.

Q: A crazy bounce of the ball, and you guys had that last play defended, they just threw up something.

Haluska: They just made the right plays. They kept battling, they got the loose balls time and time again. We killed ourselves in that regard. We appreciate the seniors and everything they've done for us. You love them to death, you wish them the best in the future.

Q: It's a painful lesson to learn, obviously you learn from adversity, in your life you learned from adversity, what do you learn from this situation?

Haluska: I think this team has faced adversity, you've got to move on, it's just a game, it's just tough because you don't want the seniors to go out like that. They've meant so much to the program and they've meant so much to people. Not only on the floor but off the floor as well. It's just tough to see them go out like that. They'll keep their heads up.

Q: What was your initial thought as that shot went up?

Haluska: I didn't think it had a chance of going in at first, but I looked and it went in. I thought right away 'We've got to get a shot up'. It happened so quick.

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