Edmond Miles Keeping Busy This Summer

One of the most heralded recruits in this past Hawkeye recruiting class, LB Edmond Miles, has found ways to keep himself busy this summer before arriving in Iowa City. This has included a summer job, working out daily, and helping recruit possible future Hawkeyes. However, Edmond is also sitting on pins and needles to find out his qualification status for the University of Iowa this fall.

One of Norm Parker's biggest assets on his resume when he was interviewed by Coach Ferentz was his ability to build LB's. He was notorious for taking smaller LB's in size, but players with speed and heart that overcame the size factor. Abdul Hodge and Chad Greenway helped start the trend at Iowa this past year, and Edmond Miles is likely to follow.

"Right now I'm 6'1 and weigh 213," Edmond told HTO.com Sunday evening. "This summer, I have been working out with DB Marcus Clayton and his father, Coach P. I know his dad played in the NFL with Deion Sanders, but I don't know his name as I only know him as Coach P. I have been doing a lot of agility work-outs with those two."

DB Marcus Clayton is considered one of the best DB's in the country and is the only Godby prospect that Iowa has offered so far for the 03' class. Does Edmond feel like Iowa may have a shot with Marcus? By the way, Marcus's father happens to be Willie Evers.

"I have talked to Marcus quite a bit about Iowa City. I told him that there are some openings at the DB spot as I know they graduated one senior this past year (Matt Stockdale). I think I'll get him to take a visit to Iowa City as I know Coach (Phil) Parker really likes him. Marcus is awesome and I know he has been running low 4.3's in the handheld forty times we have been testing."

So what has Edmond's time been on a consistent basis?

"My average is 4.53 right now, but my best time was a 4.49," Edmond said with a proud tone in his voice.

Are there any other prospects at Godby that Iowa should be or will be going after hard this fall?

"I know they are taking a look at Ed Butler (6'1 190). He is fast enough to play strong safety and I hope that Iowa does offer him. I know I could help get him up to Iowa City."

Edmond has also found other ways to keep himself busy this summer, including a summer job. However, do not let his job fool you.

"I'm working at Burger King once again this summer. This is my second summer working there, but I still have gotten no promotion. Don't worry, I only eat fast food once in a while as I know the coaches would not be a fan of me if I did."

Edmond was one of the most talked about recruits because of his talents and notoriety, and also because of his possible academic concerns. So where does Edmond currently stand and will he be on campus this fall?

"Right now, I'm only a partial qualifier. I have a 3.0 GPA, but only got a 16 on ACT and 790 on SAT. You have to have a 17 on ACT and 820 on SAT. I took the tests again last week and will receive my scores back in two weeks. I'm pretty confident that I should be a full qualifier this year, and I want to be so I can get on the field. Otherwise, I'll just be on the practice field."

What does Edmond envision for this fall and his future as a Hawkeye?

"I really want to see this team make the Rose Bowl this season and win the Big Ten. I know they have the defense to do it, and their QB looked good on television this fall. The coaches told me that I will likely play this fall and have a chance to be #2 on the LB spot. I have a lot of confidence in myself and would like to come in and compete for a starting job. My goal is to be the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year before I leave. I also know I want to stay and get my degree as that is very important to my mother."

Many Florida prospects have arrived in Iowa City to showcase a new culture or custom hairdo that they had in place. Will Edmond be delivering anything wild with his hair this fall?

"My mother is against me doing anything too radical with my hair. I just have the all-star fade. It looks somewhat like Kobe Bryant's, but I like to believe it is better," Edmond stated with a laugh.

HawkTalkOnline.com will keep you informed on Edmond's academic status. While it is good to know that Edmond will be in a Hawkeye uniform, every Hawk fan hopes that Edmond will have a chance to create a splash this fall under Coach Parker and his defensive philosophy. Will Edmond help make one of the best defense's in the Big Ten look even better this fall?

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