Iowa Offers Omaha Central DT Brandon Teamer

Omaha Central has produced a few Divison One prospects in the past few years, including RB's Ja'Maine Billups and David Horne. Although the Hawks were in the hunt on both of those prospects, they were not able to cash in the prizes of the acclaimed prospects. During the Fry era, Iowa coaches convinced Central prep All Americans Larry Station and Sean Ridley to matriculate in Iowa City. Could DT Brandon Teamer be the next impact Nebraska prospect Iowa is able to pull away from the Husker glory?

6'5 260 DT Brandon Teamer was a name that was associated with Iowa this spring, but Iowa had not offered. Nebraska and Colorado were his only early offers entering the month of May. Shortly after I had read the story, I quickly spoke to a source who informed me that Iowa was likely to quickly offer Teamer. It did not take long for Iowa to offer Brandon, nor did it take four other schools.

"I have offers from Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa, Iowa State, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and Kansas," Brandon stated. "I do not have a favorite right as I'm really uncertain about the recruiting process. I would like to check some schools out before making a decision, but I do not have a timetable set on a decision as I could do it anytime. I know Nebraska is likely the only camp I will attend as it is local."

It is not common for Nebraska prospects to slip out of the state, unless Nebraska has not offered or does not allow them to play their desired position. Has Brandon felt the Husker heat and is he an immediate lock for Nebraska?

"Right now, I just do not know. I like Nebraska a lot. David Horne and Mark LeFlore are both there this fall and would like me to join them. However, I know Mark told me that Iowa would have been the second school he chose to go to."

Just how much pressure does a Nebraska native feel to attend Lincoln?

"It just all depends on who is around me. I know that people will still treat me as a person, but Nebraska fans will raise questions. I will still be able to speak to them, but it will always be in the back of my mind. However, once I leave for an out of state college I know it would all be over with."

So right now what would it take from a school to be able to pry away Brandon from his home state Huskers?

"I'm not worried about playing time as I know that will come from hard work so I do not need any promises. I want a good academic school where I can get help and I want to attend a big school. I'm not a fan of a small school so going to a place where there is more than just athletics would be nice as I want to be treated as a person."

Prospects have never complained about the people in Iowa City, but what else has Brandon noticed about the Hawkeyes this early in the process?

"Right now, Iowa is an upcoming program. They are making bowl appearances once again and accomplishing team goals. Now I will have to go to Iowa City to check it out myself and see what it can do for me as a school. I know the coaches told me they love my potential as a player and how I could impact the program."

Brandon, with a 3.1 GPA, is not sure what his major will be in college, although he believes it will be related to engineering. However, he is pretty set on what position he would like to play.

"I like playing defense. I'm hoping that all the schools are sincere in recruiting me as a DT and that is their plans for me. If I did make a move to the offensive line, I believe I would play guard."

Larry Station was definitely a key piece in Hayden Fry's early years at Iowa in building an 80's powerhouse and going to the Rose Bowl. Will Coach Ferentz be able to do the same with DT Brandon Teamer in building another Pasadena bound powerhouse in the Big Ten?

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