Is Huntrods the Next Small Town Classic Story?

One prospect who has not gained a whole lot of notoriety during the spring is Clint Huntrods, from Collins, Iowa. At 6'6 255, Clint has proved to be a problem on both sides of the ball for all his opponents. After living in Cyclone country for his childhood, he must now reach the decision on whether that will fit him best in his next career as a college football player. This is your introduction to possibly the best in-state recruit this year, Clint Huntrods.

Hawkeye fans know how partial and biased it is to love a chosen school in college athletics. Growing up in Collins, IA, which is a half hour away from Ames and Iowa State, Clint Huntrods has had plenty of proud moments as a Cyclone fan. However, now Clint is being faced with the toughest decision in his life as he chooses whether he will continue his education and football playing days in Ames or choose to go a different route in Iowa City.

"This is definitely going to be a very hard decision for me to reach," Clint told on Thursday night after just returning from a week of football camps at Iowa State and Iowa. "Both schools are outstanding and on the way to reaching great things. I'm just going to look closely into the whole program's success considering all factors, the coaching staff at each school, how I will fit into the program not just next year, but a few years from now, and I will look very hard at the strength and conditioning programs. I know that is a very important part to any college football team and it will help develop me into becoming the best player."

Clint has reached success in other areas than football, also, including win the Class 2A State Discus this past year. "I threw 169.9, but my best was actually 170.5. I also throw shot, and my best in that was 50.6."

Clint has also done the work of maintaining himself in the classroom, carrying a 3.7 GPA, while performing in all of his athletic endeavors. Clint also recently scored a 25 on the ACT. That is the type of kid that Coach Ferentz loves to have on the offensive line because we all know the intangibles that go along with playing on the OL for the Hawkeyes.

Clint just returned from football camps that he participated in at both Iowa State and Iowa.

"I had a great time at both camps. There was not a whole lot of difference as both helped me a ton. I learned so many different and advanced things as a lineman."

"Coach Ferentz and Philbin have been to such great levels as offensive line coaches so their knowledge is just outstanding. It was unbelievable to see how they could coach me. I will hold onto many teachings they gave me for this upcoming season. There was a lot of good information they presented to me."

Clint has been well compared to OL Seth Zehr from last year with his size, feet, and mobility. Just what position will Clint most likely be featured at both schools?

"Iowa State is only looking at me as an offensive lineman. They told me they view me as their left tackle. Iowa has given me the option of playing on the defensive side of the ball. They told me either defensive end or I'll move to the OL. What I like the most is that they said that I would be allowed to start at the position of my desire."

Clint has also been given the chance to speak to many in-state players on Iowa's squad to see how they went through the situation.

"I spoke to many guys at Iowa, including Blake Larsen, Brian Ferentz, Ben Cronin, CJ Barkema, and etc. "I would say Ben Gates was the most informative because he is in the exact situation I am in deciding between just Iowa and Iowa State. I also liked speaking to Ben Cronin to find out how he decided to leave Ames for Iowa City."

The Hawkeyes lost out on Seth Zehr last year, and certainly are looking for revenge. Clint Huntrods is looking like another small town classic that has the potential to be built into something special. Now the only question will be on where he decides to maximize his potential and at what position? Certainly, Iowa probably is hoping to put a gameplan together on adding Clint Huntrod's talents to their team.

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