Kirk Ferentz Opening Statement Transcript

Kirk Ferentz gave a brief update on the status of several injured players, recovery of several others, and the status of Lee Gray's 6th year of eligibility. Read about that and more in this premium transcript.

Kirk Ferentz

I'll make a couple remarks here real quickly then I'll turn it over to Ken and Norm. You can visit with everyone Saturday. Depth chart wise, there really isn't a lot to announce, I don't think. Nothing major, things we talked about back a couple weeks ago are pretty much the same. The only thing that's really factored in is injuries, for the most part, and I'll touch on that in a second. The only thing really of note right now is that Corey Robertson, we're working him on the defensive side of the ball. He requested that after a couple practices, and I think it's probably going to be a good move for everybody. He's working at strong safety right now and doing a good job with limited work so far. I think he's off to a good start there. Lee Gray's status, right now we still know nothing in terms of that 5th year. That, my guess, will take a while. Right along with that, as I said back a couple weeks ago, he is coming of f a pretty significant surgery. His rehab is pretty extensive. Right now, basically, what he's done this spring is work drill work. He hasn't done an awful lot in competitive drills, anything involving the offense versus the defense. We're really just trying to take that real slow. The biggest thing to me is making sure he's healthy at the end of this period. Hopefully he'd be full speed by June when we get going with the summer program, if in fact he does get that 6th year. I guess I said 5th year, I meant 6th year, if he can get that granted. That's the plan right there.

Injury-wise, real quickly, Ettore Ewen, Alex Willcox, Griffin Karr all had surgeries in the off-season, none of them have done anything this spring, as expected. Ma'Quan Dawkins is kind of phasing back in, like the running backs that had ACL injuries a year ago, he's doing limited work during the spring. I mentioned Lee Gray already, and Chris Brevi is the other guy who's progress ahs been slow due to the injury, but he's moving along also. This spring we've had two categories, but the good news is, nobody's had anything that's been really serious, knock on wood, hope that continues. Basically everybody we're going to talk about we expect to be pretty much full speed by June. The bad news is that we've had some guys miss some time that really was key. One guys right off the bat, Andy Brodell is one of the first guys that got injured, he's got a heel bruise, it's not a significant injury, but it's just painful and lingers. He's had very limited work this spring. It happened I think after the first week, so we haven't seen much of him the last couple of were. Nyere Aumaitre, the same thing, he's had an ankle sprain that has knocked him out for the majority of the spring, Devan Moylan had an ankle injury early in the spring, which has knocked him out basically, this spring. Jon Isgrig dislocated an elbow. The two most recent injuries, Ryan Bain got hurt mid-week last week, a knee sprain, again, the good new is that he's going to be fine, but he's out for the spring. Then Dan Doering had a foot injury on Friday, which was going to knock him out also for the rest of the spring. That's like spring ball, any time those things impede your progress a little bit, they limit your evaluations a little but.

The positive news is that so far, at least, we've gotten through and everybody should be back in June. That's kind of the situation, we're moving along. We've got a workout tomorrow, Thursday, then we wrap it up on Saturday. At that time, if anybody has any questions, we'll knock those out, anything else I'm missing right now, before I turn it over to Ken? I don't think I've got any other news to report. Spring's here, right? That's good news.

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