News and Views from Spring Practice

Iowa wrapped up its spring camp with an open practice for the media, family and friends on Saturday in Iowa City. Senior Writer Rob Howe took in the event from the sidelines and filed this report, which includes some play by play from the scrimmage, an injury update, a scouting report on the action, a little scruffle that took place between an offensive and defensive lineman, and much more in this Premium Report.


Andy Brodell and Chris Brevi dressed out for Saturday's practice despite missing much of the spring camp.

Kyle Schlicher took part in the day's most embarrassing moment. He walked into the interview room and a crowd of reporters just sat there looking at him. After a few jokes about nobody wanting to talk to him, nobody stepped forward and he left. A reporter yelled out, "We already know what you can do."

Devan Moylan, Bryon Gattas, Dan Doering, Ryan Bain and Ettore Ewen did not dress Saturday. Doering wore a cast on his lower left leg and Bain sported a knee stabilizer on his right leg. Coach Ferentz said both players will be ready for the summer workouts, but they'll need time to get into shape.

Assistant coaches screamed at players on three occasions where it was audible to us on the sidelines. Phil Parker lit up Miguel Merrick for missing an assignment. Reese Morgan yelled at Dace Richardson for missing a block. Ken O'Keefe turned up the volume when his offense was lagging, asking for an increase in tempo.

Humpal, Gabelmann and Miles ran with the first team at linebacker. Angerer and Kuehl also received a lot of reps.

Fletcher and Rowell worked at No. 2 corner.

Aumaitre and McCracken scuffled on the ground for a few minutes before teammates broke them up.

Collins, Jackson, Meade and Kanellis formed the No. 2 D-line.

The first team offensive line from left to right went: Richardson, Jones, Eubanks, Elgin and Yanda. The second unit consistent of Kuempel, Bruggeman, Olsen, Aeschliman and Calloway saw a lot of reps on the No. 2 team.

Young lined up in the slot on several occasions with single-back sets featuring Greene and Busch. Sims also lined up in the slot.

Three high school guests HN was able to spot were Sid Nagle, Nick Monteleone and Jesse Bell. Commit Adrian Clayborn also attended the event. He looks like a player and was very interested in studying the defensive line drills, getting up close when they were being run.


The receivers dropped far too many passes. Grigsby, McCollom, Manson and Davis were by far the most consistent. Stross looks bigger and more integrated into the system, but he, Cleveland, Christian and Brodell must become more consistent in holding onto the football. I suspect McCollom and Manson will factor into the receiving game this fall in a bigger role than may have originally been anticipated.

Earlier in the week, O'Keefe commented on how Christensen needed work on developing awareness for the speed of the game. That proved evident Saturday afternoon. On quite a few occasions, Jake took sacks before having a chance to throw the ball. Granted, he was working with a backup line and receivers on many occasions, but he certainly needs to work on getting through his reads quicker. When Manson came into the scrimmage for his reps, you could see him get through his reads at a much quicker pace than Jake. No doubt, he has a rocket for an arm. The summer workouts should help the redshirt freshman continue his acclamation process.

Mike Humpal might end up being this year's Mitch King in terms of breakout player. Humpal just looks like a football player out there. You could start to see that last season when he received reps in the 3-4. Gabelmann delivered a few plays from his LB spot that brought to mind his special teams play last season. Klinkenborg also showed he can deliver a hit. Ferentz singled out Humpal and Grigsby as two guys that really enjoyed a good spring camp.

The defensive line appears poised for a monster year. King was all over the place on Saturday, Kroul was his usual steady self and Mattison and Iwebema really crashed down from the ends. I think we can handle some injuries this season as well. Justin Collins would start on a lot of teams. He recorded at least three sacks on Saturday. Vernon Jackson also looks very impressive.

Despite being yelled at for missing an assignment, Richardson looked very good Saturday. With some more seasoning, he's going to be a special LT. And with Mike Jones on his inside, Iowa could be dominant on that side of the front. Eubanks also looked to be adjusting to the first-team center role very well. He was screaming out calls and really looked like a leader. He did get leveled by King on one play. But that's probably going to happen to a lot of centers this season.


Please keep in mind that this wasn't really a scrimmage. They didn't advance the ball unless the offensive player broke free for a score.

We also only kept track of the plays when Christensen and Manson were under center. Tate did not take any snaps in the "scrimmage" and Young, Sims and Greene were not utilized.

Anyway, here's what we got:

Christensen sacked.

Bailey for 3.

Christensen incomplete to Brownlee

Brown for 5

Brown for 8 but was stripped of the ball by Angerer.

Christensen sacked by Oberland.

McCollom from Christensen for 5.

Brown for 16 but fumbled out of bounds. (This caused Ferentz to shake his head in disgust. The Captain is not big on the coughing up of the football.)

Christensen sacked (I missed the sacker).

Christensen sacked by Collins.

Brown for 2.

Cleveland 66-yard TD reception from Christensen. Cleveland enjoyed an angle on Godfrey, but he still beat the fastest man on the team to the end zone from about 45 yards out.

Brown for 5.

Christensen sacked by Collins.

Aeschliman false start.

Sabers false start.

Brown for 4.

Davis 13 yard reception on crossing route over the middle from Christensen. Good sign for Davis to be able to hang onto the ball and Jake to make that throw.

Manson incomplete to Cleveland.

Manson to Bailey for 2.

Manson incomplete.

Bailey fumbled handoff. It looked like Kalvin didn't realize the ball was coming to him. You have to think Manson knew the play.

Brown for 3.

Stross drops Manson pass.

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