Talking Spring Football: Tate & Grigsby

Drew Tate and Herb Grigsby talk spring practice.


Q: How did Spring ball go for you?

Herb Grigsby: Overall I think it was good. As an individual and as a receiving corps. We are just trying to improve as an overall team. You could obviously say that physically we were not all there, but (we were all there) more mentally. Overall I think it was a good experience for us.

Q: Is there a little more pressure on you this year with Clinton (Solomon) and Ed (Hinkel) gone?

Grigsby: I would not say pressure - a little more responsibility. We lost some good guys but we cannot look in the past. It is time to move on; it is on us now. Some of the veterans like Calvin (Davis) and me have got to step up and fill their holes. Those are some big shoes to fill. We have just got to get it done some way.

Q: Do you feel like you guys gelled this spring?

Grigsby: We had some guys fill some spots. We had some new guys and some of the veterans stepped up. Overall, I would say we gelled a little bit. We are going to always have to get better. That is what we will be working on this summer so, come fall, we are going to be there for Drew (Tate) and for the offense. We have a little gel, but we still have a long ways to go.

Q: What is going to take for someone to emerge from the receivers as the dependable guy?

Grigsby: Honestly, Ed was the go to guy and so was Clinton. We just have to be there. We can't say that we are going to be the go to guys or another position is going to be the go to guy. We are going to have to be there when he calls on us - we are going to have to be there.

Q: What did you see out of some of the younger guys like Trey Stross and James Cleveland - will they get playing time next fall?

Grigsby: I am not going to say if they are going to get playing time because I am not the one who controls that. But, they are making strides. James made a big catch out there today. The young guys are making strides and come fall who knows who is going to be working. The depth chart is not set - there is no set guy that we have. It could be any of the guys.

Q: Is there a competition to make yourself available given there are so many receivers?

Grigsby: Is a competition out there to give it our all. There is a competition in the receiving corps to make ourselves available. There are only so many spots open and we are competing for those. Whether or not we get the ball is not to our control. We just have to go out there and do our job.

Q: Is Calvin almost the forgotten guy because he was injured most of last year?

Grigsby: He had a rough season last year, going through some injuries. But, he has had a good spring and has shown that he is going to be there as one of the guys we can count on and everything. Come fall he is going to be ready. He will not be a forgotten guy at the end.


Q: How is Drew Tate 'the senior' going to be different from the past couple of years?

Drew Tate: I don't know. I am just going to keep trying to do the same things I have been doing and just get better overall. Like today, I picked up on every single one and I changed the protection on all of our blitzes. Usually you do not do that against our guys because they come so late and disguise it making it hard to pick them up. It was probably the best blitz pickup we have had all Spring. Not probably, I know it was.

Q: How about this group of receivers and your comfort level with them. Is it coming along?

Tate: Yes, it is coming. It will get better in the Fall camp and will carry into the season even better. We do not have many guys right now, but guys have been switching positions. They have been moving around and playing the A, Y, Z, X and all that different stuff. They are just moving around and trying to get comfortable with what they are doing. Once August comes around, and they have more reps, it will carry over into the season just fine.

Q: Who has impressed you (of the receivers)?

Tate: Of the new faces, I think James (Cleveland) has just come up and done a phenominal job. He has got the savvy that he needs. He knows how to play the game and he is smart. I think Trey (Stross) has come on, but he still has a while to go with knowing what is going on with everything. Herb (Grigsby) is good and Calvin (Davis) is better and they know what is going on. I think that (Eric) McCullom is doing exceptionally right now.

Q: It helps to have a 6'7" tight end (Scott Chandler), huh?

Tate: I think that Scott and Tony (Moeaki) are going to be involved a lot in the passing game in the fall. Which is good because Scott knows exactly what is going on and Tony is getting better every time. He played last year as a true freshman and is learning how to do things well. Like knowing what to do and not to do.

Q: If you had to rate this Spring, how do you think it went?

Tate: Out of what...??

Q: I do not mean a number, but how do you think this Spring went for you guys?

Tate: It went well, but I think like every Spring there is room for work. We are seeing new faces out there. They are shuffling the guys on the o-line, and that is new. There are a lot of receivers to step up. We have a lot of stuff to do, but the good thing is that it is only April and have a lot of time to get well in the summer, with the 7-on-7 and camp.

Q: Did you like the no tackling of the first team in the drills today?

Tate: Well, I like that. But, I wear this (referring to the red jersey #5 he was wearing) so they do not tackle me. The minute men went in and it was live for those guys. They are the guys who might need it the most and that is why they were in right then. Yeah, not tackling is cool.

Q: Looks like you might have a new center this year so what do you think about that?

Tate: (Referring to Rafael Eubanks) He has only been in there the past couple of days, not the whole Spring. Like I mentioned earlier, they are shuffling around all the lineman. It is just a process that we are going to have to work through. They are fine and the coaches are going the find the best five to put up there and it does not matter where...just so long as they snap the ball.

Q: How good can this team be by the fall?

Tate: I think that is a little premature to say. I can't say that right now and I don't think anyone else in this building can.

Q: So you can't say whether you are going to contend for a Big Ten (title) or a BCS bowl?

Tate: No. I'm sorry, but I can't.

Q: Have you found any chemistry this Spring with any particular people, or have you found a chemistry with all the receivers?

Tate: A lot. Since there is not very many, and they are are shuffling around, I am helping them as much as I can. Calvin is better and Herb knows what is going on. I would also say when (Jason) Manson, (Eric) McCullom and our running backs are more involved in the passing game and I am just trying to help those guys out the best I can.

Q: Is it interesting to throw passes to Manson since you have been used to seeing him throwing them - or is it just another guy to throw to.

Tate: It is just another guy.

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