QB JaMarcus Russell Considers Iowa Offer

According to many recruiting analysts 6'5 220 QB JaMarcus Russell (Mobile, AL) is one of the top five quarterbacks in the nation. However, JaMarcus is not in a hurry to make a decision or let the nation's elite try to sweep him off his feet right away. It just so happens that JaMarcus has some great guidance to help him through the recruiting process. In fact, the mutual interest between JaMarcus and Iowa happens to have had some help from a Baltimore Raven connection.

Ever since Coach Ferentz and staff stepped foot on the University of Iowa campus, the search for an elite QB has been put through an extensive process. While the Hawks have had good success in their QB recruitment, they have still yet to land one of their top two or three targets at the QB position. This year, QB JaMarcus Russell would certainly classify as one of the top priorities, but once again it will not be an easy ride for the Hawks.

"I'm as wide open as a full back in the flat right now," JaMarcus stated cunningly to HawkTalkOnline.com. As I stated to JaMarcus, I wouldn't be surprised if he had been waiting for the next reporter to call to state that phrase with the sharpness of how he rifled that off to me.

"Iowa has been sending me so much mail that I cannot even keep up with it all," JaMarcus continued. "I like the fact of how much interest they are showing as I know they truly want my services. I've gotten plenty of offers so far, including Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Louisana State, Ohio State, Iowa, and others."

When I wrote the story on DT Brandon Teamer, I spoke to him about the pressure of a Nebraska prospect to attend Lincoln. Football is no joke down south, especially in Alabama, so I relayed the same question on JaMarcus.

"Not really, I look at Alabama and Auburn as any other regular school. I have to go where I feel the most wanted."

JaMarcus appears to have just gotten the necessary qualifying score of a 17 on the ACT, with his 2.9 GPA. He will be taking the test once again because he is not satisfied with that score.

JaMarcus has attended camps at Alabama, Auburn, and LSU this summer. However, that does not mean that those schools lead for his services.

So what will help determine where JaMarcus decides to take his smarts on and off the field?

"The offense will be the biggest point. I want to go into a situation where there is a balanced attack, but also the ability to have it be wide open. I'm not out to run the option, I like to throw the ball. I want to be around a solid group of offensive performers, as well."

It just so happens that a Baltimore Ravens scout, Phil Savage, helped create the recruitment of QB JaMarcus Russell for the Hawkeyes. Phil held a QB Camp in Mobile, where he graduated from high school. Phil has made it a point to speak to JaMarcus a few times a year while being on the NFL road.

Phil was just starting as a scout with the Ravens during Coach Ferentz's last couple of years in Baltimore. Phil also sent the word along to Coach Aiken, the prime recruiter down south for the Hawks, and Coach Aiken has been very impressive to the Russell's so far in the process. You better believe that the Russell's will be speaking to Savage in the future to help gain a better comfort zone and understanding of Coach Ferentz and the Hawks.

Many NFL connections have assisted Coach Ferentz and the staff in recruiting. Could this connection help the Hawks land their first elite choice at the QB position?

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