Greenway Selected by Minnesota at #17

The Minnesota Vikings selected Chad Greenway with their first pick in the first round of the 2006 NFL draft. Greenway was the 17th player selected overall and the third linebacker.

Many mock drafts saw Chad Greenway making the short trip north to play for the Vikings, and this was one time where the predictions hit the mark.

Greenway's road to the NFL seems an unlikely one, since it began on the farm in Mt. Vernon, South Dakota. Greenway played nine-man football in high school. Though we are not certain, there are likely not that many former eight or nine-man football alumni in the NFL.

The 17th pick of the 2005 NFL draft was David Pollack. Pollack signed a 5-year contract with the Cincinnati Bengals worth up to $13 million, with $7.65 million in guaranteed money.

NFL first round picks are typically slotted, so Greenway should expect a deal similar to Pollack's, if not slightly higher.

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