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It is getting closer and closer to the date that incoming freshmen will check into Iowa City for their first week of learning. This is your chance to get an early look at what will be expected from some of the incoming freshman and get some other related summer news on the Hawkeyes.

Pre-season magazines have rolled out without much high praise for the Hawkeyes. However, do not worry as the football team has picked up a higher reality from the basketball team and high expectations. The Hawkeyes have a very solid core with a lot of guys who should surprise many with a very good fall. The players are relishing on the fact that they will have the chance to be the unknown.

As of this moment, DB Jovon Johnson will be asked to play this fall. Do not expect him to turn down the offer as he should have every chance to quickly emerge as the #2 CB behind DJ Johnson. Jovon will start out on special teams and will get some looks to be opposite Fred Russell on kickoff returns.

Steve Burch reported in this summer in the 270 pound range and has a big frame. At only 6'2, Steve will make a solid DE; however; he has the special explosive first step and strength to be something special at DT. With concerns of depth at DT and Steve's size, the move to DT looks even more likely.

Will Matt Roth move to DE? That has been the question that has been the most popular question on Hawkeye message boards. Matt has the ability to play LB, and has been pretty intent on staying there. However, Matt is behind two other freshman (Abdul Hodge and Chad Greenway) so a move may be the best option. Now with Derreck Robinson's troubles, could this move finally be put in place before fall practice?

Many were surprised with Iowa only signing two OL in this past year's recruiting class. Although Chris Felder and Chris Thomas are expected to be contributors before they leave, the staff is going to look for more depth. Do not be surprised if one or two players are switched over to the offensive line before the end of the fall. It may not be announced until spring practice, but the staff will be looking hard at who has the potential for the line. The best choices would emerge out of one of the tight ends, most likely either CJ Barkema, Ben Gates, or Warren McDuffie, and Mike Elgin is another possible good choice.

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