Iowa Staying in Contact With ATH Champ Davis

It was not long ago that 6'3 215 ATH Champ Davis was being hailed as one of the upcoming stars in the state of Iowa. Now after moving to Plano, TX (West), Champ has seen his stock rise to even further heights. Find out more on the interest between Champ and the Hawks. Also, Champ tells what he will be looking for in a school and explains the comparison between high school football in Texas and Iowa.

Many caught on to the phenomena that is held in Texas for high school football when seeing "Varsity Blues." There is no comparison for how highly regarded football is in Texas compared to any other state. It was not hard for Champ Davis to see that fact after making several family moves around the country.

"Football is totally different. It just exactly like "Friday Night Lights", that was written about Odessa, TX. Everyone comes out to the games, especially in-town rivalries. Whenever two Plano teams match-up, it will draw a crowd around 20,000 people. We even have football as our last period of the day in school before beginning practice."

How would Champ describe his playing days at West Des Moines Valley?

"Iowa was a good experience, but I gained so much more recongition and played better competition in Texas. I played nine West Des Moines Dowling's while in Texas during the fall. The size and accessibility of Texas also really helps out."

Champ currently has offers from Iowa, West Virginia, Arkansas, Tulsa, and Vanderbilt. He attended camps at Florida, Texas, and Texas A&M. Besides those three schools, he is also receiving major interest from Florida State, Michigan, and Michigan State among others.

"I plan to narrow my list a bit in August and hopefully set-up the majority of my official visits. Florida is a school that I would say I'm pretty sure I want to visit at this point, but Iowa has a very good shot at landing a visit, also."

Champ will be featured at tailback and safety this year at Plano. That is the same position he was featured as a youngster at Valley. Many recruiting services have had Champ listed as a WR, but that appears not to be the position many colleges are recruiting him for.

"Most schools have said they are looking at me to play either safety position or possibly oustide linebacker. Iowa's Coach (Carl) Jackson sent me a letter so I think they have interest in me as a running back. I will ask Coach Aiken that the next time I speak to him. I would prefer to play offense as my comfort level is higher there since I have played there my whole life."

It certainly is not easy on any kid who makes a lot of moves throughout his early life. However, Champ has kept a level head and has helped all the moves give him a better indication of how to make his upcoming decision.

"The fact that I moved around so much as as child has showed me a lot of different angles. I have met and still know a lot of people in a variety of areas. I used to believe weather was going to be very important, but that is no longer the case. I just want to have a high comfort level and know it is a place I want to stay at for the next four or five years."

Champ has no complaints about his playing days in Iowa. Champ viewed the recent losing days of the Hawkeyes while living in Iowa, but has kept in tune with the Hawks' progress. It is possible Champ will make an official visit at some point this fall, possibly for the Iowa State game. Will the return visit to Iowa possibly help him come back to his former stomping grounds?

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