Bernstine Provides Recruiting Update

A lot has been written regarding one of the state of Iowa's best talents, Jordan Bernstine, throughout this spring and summer. HN Recruiting Analyst Josh Clark learned a few things via a question and answer session held Tuesday afternoon, and offers this report exclusive to HawkeyeNation,com subscribers, which includes the five teams Bernstine says currently stand out on his list.

Q: Jordan, any recent unofficial visits? What have you been up to this summer?

A: "I haven't been on a visit since I went to Iowa's camp. I've just been busy practicing, working out, and getting prepared for the upcoming season."

Q: Any upcoming trips planned?

A: "Not as of right now."

Q: What area have you improved upon the most this summer?

A: "My change of direction; it was what I knew I needed to get better at. I've been working hard on getting out of my stance after backpedaling, and making better breaks on outs."

Q: You attended camps at Notre Dame and Iowa this summer. Which one did you walk away having gained the most?

A: "I'd say Iowa because I was there for the full three days, and really got a chance to learn how the Iowa coaches work with their players, and learn what they wanted me to work on. Just as I've improved upon this summer, they really wanted me to work on my change of direction, and stop taking what they called a "bucket step" and concentrate on taking smaller steps out of my breaks."

Q: Anything new from Notre Dame, Ohio State, or USC, who all came by your school in May?

A: "I talked to Notre Dame last week, and I talk to Coach (Tim) Beckman at Ohio State quite a bit. Both schools have told me they have safeties they have to await a decision from, first, before they know whether they can offer me or not. USC wanted me to come out to their camp, but I wasn't able to make it so I don't know what that means for my chances."

What coach have you developed the best relationship with, thus far?

A: "I'd say probably Coach (Kirk) Ferentz from Iowa. I've talked to him, I believe, more than I have any of their other coaches. I don't really know how to describe why he has stood out the most, so far, other than to say he is just a good guy."

What has Coach Ferentz's selling point been you in regards to trying to keep you in-state to play for the Hawkeyes?

A: "He's just told me it is a place I would fit in, and a program that I would fit into. They've put a lot of safeties in the league, like Bob Sanders, and that is a big selling point for them, too."

Q: What has shocked you the most about the recruiting process now that you're more than six months into it?

A: "Pretty much, just how schools recruit in general. Some like to text message you a lot, others like to email you a lot, but really it's just been something to see how much they try to keep in touch."

Q: What type of approach has worked the best in recruiting you?

A: "I just want coaches to be blunt with me, and not beat around the bush. I like the coach that tells me that in order for me to come in and start, I'll have to earn a spot. I've had some coaches tell me that they are going to build the defense around me, or that I'm guaranteed to start as a true freshman. That doesn't fly with me."

Q: You mentioned text messaging, and that is now a big part of the recruiting process. What is the funniest text you have received from a coach?

A: "I have gotten a text from a coach before telling me he hadn't spoke to me in a while, and he needed to hear my sweet voice. I get weird stuff from coaches all the time."

Q: What are the main factors that will dictate how you make your decision this fall?

A: "I want to play for a coaching staff that is going to be able to help me get to the next level, and help me grow as an athlete and person. I plan to major in business, and my mother will make sure academics play a big part. I got the chance to see how some schools operate their defenses by going to spring practices, and obviously by attending camps, and I want to be in a system where the safety is allowed to roam around and make plays."

Q: Do you have any official visits in mind that you know you will take at this point?

A: "I haven't finalized any official visit plans, yet, but will probably do so here in the next couple of weeks. Right now, I haven't ruled out anybody, and things can always change by the fall, but of the schools that have offered me, in no particular order, Iowa, UCLA, Texas A&M, Pitt, and Nebraska all stand out right now. Those are the schools that would be likely to receive my visits, but things can always change until I actually narrow my list this fall."

Q: Lastly, how is your team looking for your upcoming senior season, and what is your main goal?

A: "We are looking good; we have a lot of people returning. I'm going to continue to play some running back, safety, and return both punts and kicks. The main goal is just to advance further than we did last year; that being the first round of the playoffs; and hopefully we'll find ourselves playing in the dome."

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