Q & A with David Gilreath

HN Recruiting Analyst Josh Clark checks in with another in-depth Q&A for HawkeyeNation subscribers. This time around, Clark spoke with Plymouth, Minnesota (Robbinsdale-Armstrong) wide receiver David Gilreath, who played at Minneapolis Washburn HS his junior season. He has been somewhat of an unknown due to that transfer, but still remains a big priority for the Hawkeyes and other Big Ten programs.

Q: First, who do you currently hold scholarship offers from?

A: "I have offers from Minnesota, Iowa, Iowa State, and Wisconsin."

Q: Any other schools that could offer before the start of your senior season?

A: "Indiana and Kansas State are still both showing a lot of interest, and basically it seems they want to see me in person before making an offer. I'm attending Indiana's camp on the 27th and 28th of this month."

Q: Do you have a timetable for making a decision?

A: "I'm not sure right now. I thought I'd decide before my season, but now there is no guarantee, it's just a possibility. The more I'm looking at it, I want to wait until the fall to see how these teams do and take some official visits. I don't want to make a commitment until I'm totally sure that is the place I want to go."

Q: Anything in particular you'd be looking for in watching the teams this fall?

A: "Well, Minnesota for example, doesn't have their running backs coming back, and they've told me they are going to become more of a passing team. I want to see how their offense evolves. I want to see how all the schools operate their offenses this fall."

Q: You recently took a trip over to Wisconsin on June 26th?

A: "Yeah, it was cool. I really got caught up in the moment, and thought they were my definite favorite while I was there and nearly committed. It is a great college campus that is kind of on its own island."

Q: So there are no current thoughts about committing to Wisconsin?

A: "Not really, once I got back home to let everything soak in, I realized all the schools are still pretty even on my list. I want to take my time. Wisconsin is a school that I really like, though."

Q: So what are your overall thoughts on the recruiting process, thus far?

A: "My cousin, Travis Graham, went through the process, and really explained to me how he handled it. That helped a lot to know what to expect. Really, the only overwhelming part was the month of May when it seemed like every five seconds there was a new college coach popping in at the school, and I had finals to study for. Recruiting really began to pick up in May."

Which coach have you developed the best relationship with?

A: "I'd say Coach (Luke) Tressel at Minnesota. He coaches the wide receivers, which is nice, and I've been talking to him the longest of any of the coaches I've talked with. All the coaches recruiting me are down-to-earth, and I like them all, but Coach Tressel is guy I've really gotten to know. We are always talking about this and that."

Had any funny conversations with any of the coaches recruiting you?

A: "I remember a conversation I had with Coach (Henry) Mason at Wisconsin. I told him that I wanted to be a used car salesman, and that I could sell the sky being orange to somebody, and as soon as they left, they'd see it as orange. He just told me that describes him, and winked at me."

As briefly as you can, rundown your thoughts on each of the schools that have offered you, and the last time you spoke with a coach from that school?

A: "I stopped by Coach Tressel's office at Minnesota last week, and watched some video of last season. I watched their game against Ohio State, and he showed me the plays they used for (Ernie) Wheelwright and the guys. I believe I could add another dimension to their offense, and there is a chance to play early. I also like that they have a new stadium being built."

"Coach (Eric) Johnson from Iowa called me this past week just to catch up, and make sure that I wasn't about to make a decision. Coach (Kirk) Ferentz is cool, and really all of Iowa's coaches are good guys. They have a winning tradition; having the same record as Michigan and Ohio State over the past few years. They keep playing in January 1st bowl games, and that is a good thing."

"Coach Mason and I talked pretty often, and I'd have a chance to earn playing time right away at Wisconsin. They produce a lot of wide receivers to the NFL, with guys like Brandon Williams and Jonathan Orr this past draft, and guys in the past like Lee Evans and Chris Chambers."

"I've yet to have a real deep conversation with any of the coaches at Iowa State so I'm waiting to do that."

Q: Lastly, tell me about your upcoming senior season?

A: "Well, they had a tough time here last year with a 4-6 record, and from what I was told, people just didn't put in the work during the off-season. We are all putting in the work this off-season, and trying to make improvement. I just want to take my game to another level, and hopefully be given some all-American recognition."

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