In Depth with Marvin McNutt

HN Recruiting Analyst Josh Clark caught up with the most recent commitment to the Hawkeye's Class of 2007, quarterback Marvin McNutt, and offers this Q&A exclusively to HawkeyeNation subscribers. This is your chance to learn all you can regarding the most recent addition to the current Hawkeye recruiting class.

Q & A with Iowa commit Marvin McNutt

Q: Marvin, if you would, first touch base on why ultimately you felt comfortable enough to make a summer decision in committing to the Hawkeyes?

A: "I'd say the most important part was the fact that I felt Iowa would make me better in all areas. I know I will become the best football player I can become, and if I don't make it to the next level, they will help me grow educationally and personally. I like their style of offense, and the type of people they will have around me. I know I will have support there, and Coach (Ken) O'Keefe and Coach Ferentz I felt were the best combination of coaches on my list to prepare me as a quarterback."

Q: When, before you announced your commitment, did you begin to realize that it was what you wanted to do?

A: "It was a week before I called the Iowa coaches that I knew I wanted to commit. I had always had a good feeling regarding Iowa, and at that time I realized, "Ok, Iowa is here at the top of my list, and there was nothing else I was waiting for". When I realized there was nothing else I was waiting for, I knew I had nothing else to gain."

Q: Did Iowa have any clue at the time that you may be committing soon?

A: "They were totally surprised when I committed. I hadn't told anyone that I was even thinking about committing."

Q: What coach did you call, and what was his initial reaction? Did you speak to Coach Ferentz?

A: "I called Coach (Eric) Johnson on Saturday morning, and he told me it was the best news he could ever get at nine in the morning. He told me it was going to make his day. I tried calling Coach Ferentz, but he was on vacation so I didn't get a chance to speak to him until a week later. He told me he was glad that I'm a Hawkeye, to keep working hard, and that I relieved myself of a lot of pressure by committing early so I could focus on my senior season."

Q: Did you ever envision yourself becoming an Iowa Hawkeye even from the earliest stage of your recruitment? Anything you learned about Iowa that was unexpected?

A: "No, but that was because I didn't think I was good enough. I had no idea that I was going to receive the offers and attention I received at the time. I'd say the alumni support Iowa receives, and the support for Iowa is everywhere."

Q: Will you make some visits this fall?

A: "I won't be taking any other visits other than to Iowa."

Q: Did Iowa inform you whether you'd be the only quarterback they'd take in this class?

A: "They told me I'm the only quarterback they'll be taking, and that I'm the guy they've wanted from the jump of things."

Q: Who finished second on your list?

A: "I would have said Nebraska, but they ended up signing another guy, so I'd have to say it might have been Indiana."

Q: Tell me about your experience participating in Iowa's football camp this summer?

A: "It was real cool. It was a great camp, well organized, and I had fun more than anything else. Coach O'Keefe really worked with my footwork when I make my drops and am getting ready to release, as well, as making sure I wasn't taking too big of a step when throwing a hitch route. I also learned where to where to place the ball on certain passes."

Q: What the recruiting process everything you expected it to be?

A: "I really had no idea how much work they put into recruiting with all the letters, text messages, and etc. that you receive."

Q: What was the craziest sales pitch you heard during the process?

A: "I had a coach tell me he could beat me in basketball. I told him he couldn't beat me, though."

Q: Lastly, what are your goals for your upcoming senior season?

A: "I want to win a state championship. I need to get a ring on this finger. I just want to work harder than everyone else and really set an example to show others that I'm a good leader."

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