Q&A With Dave Molk

HN Recruiting Analyst Josh Clark caught up with Lemont, Illinois offensive lineman Dave Molk to offer this in-depth Q&A exclusive to Hawkeye Nation subscribers. Molk not only details his entire recruitment this spring and summer, but also lists his current top five schools, which includes Iowa.

Q: Dave, have you narrowed your list at all?

A: "Well, I have 14 offers, and haven't ruled out anybody, yet, but I do currently have five teams that stand out. Those schools are Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, West Virginia, and Northwestern. Arizona State is the only school that has offered me that I've yet to visit so I'm going to visit there before school starts, and if I receive any new offers, I'd still be willing to visit those schools."

Q: Any schools that you are aware of that could be offering early in the fall?

A: "I haven't heard from anyone really other than the schools on my list so I don't know."

Q: You attended Notre Dame's camp, what is the situation with them?

A: "I'm not going to be getting an offer from them. I don't think I'm tall enough."

Q: When is the last time you spoke with each of the five schools that currently stand out on your list?

A: "I spoke with Coach (Andy) Moeller from Michigan today. I was supposed to call Coach (Lester) Erb at Iowa today, but couldn't get a hold of him. I spoke to Wisconsin earlier this week, as well, as West Virginia. I spoke to Coach (Pat) Fitzgerald at Northwestern after he was named the head coach and got on the phone with all the recruits."

Q: Four of your current five teams are from the Big Ten Conference with the exception being West Virginia. That isn't even a Midwest school so tell me why the flirtation with the Mountaineers?

A: "They have as good of a strength program as I've seen. I spoke with their strength coach for an hour, and he was amazing. I like all of their coaches from the head coach to my offensive line coach to my recruiting coach to the strength coach. I spoke to some of their players, and they said the school is great and the fans are great. Even when I spoke with Joe Thomas from Wisconsin, he told me that West Virginia had the loudest stadium he's ever played in."

Q: Tell me about your current interest in Wisconsin?

A: "They also have an amazing strength coach, who is also a great guy. I get along with the o-line coach well, and he has a lot of NFL experience, and the NFL is where I want to play. I got to speak to Joe Thomas and he had a lot of great things to say about Wisconsin. I also spoke with Coach (Bret) Bielema, and even though there is a question mark with him, I feel he is going to do something good there. It's not like he is on his own his first year, either, as he has Barry Alvarez there still."

Q: Michigan?

A: "I went to their camp this summer, and got to work with my position coach (Andy Moeller) and thought we worked well together. They have a great history, and their business program, which I want to major in, is rated third in the nation, I think. There are a lot of good of things when talking about Michigan. I'm taking an unofficial visit up there this Friday for an academic day."

Q: Iowa?

A: "They are a really well known school for offensive lineman, and their strength coach, (Chris) Doyle, was a former assistant at Wisconsin so he knows everything they teach up there. Jake Christensen's father was my football coach in grade school and he's always telling me great things about Iowa. I like their o-line coach and they have a great head coach in (Kirk) Ferentz."

Q: Northwestern?

A: "They have the best education possible, and it is a great school overall. Coach Fitzgerald was my recruiting coach before he was named head coach so I know him real well. Their o-line coach is a great guy, and I think they are going to have an ok football season this year."

Q: Have you set a timetable for your decision?

A: "I just recently spoke to my father about this, and the more we thought about it, the better it sounded to push back my decision. There is still a possibility I could decide before the season, but more than likely, I'm going to wait into the fall."

Q: What is your main criteria going to be in making your decision?

A: "Basically everything; I want the total package. I'm going to look at how each part of the team and school does."

Q: "Does one school seem to fit your total package better than others right now?

A: "No. Everything is real confusing right now because those five schools I listed are all pretty damn even."

Q: Tell me has the recruiting process been what was expected?

A: "It's basically been what I thought it'd be, but it is getting old dealing with all the people, text messaging, and stuff. I just want to get it over and play football."

What is the craziest thing you've dealt with in your recruitment?

A: "It's pretty weird when you have a buddy, like I did, take a visit to Indiana and all he was wearing was Lemont shorts, and somebody came up and asked him if he knew Dave Molk. That's weird. Really, it is the players that tell me all the crazy stuff. I had one guy tell me how a model saw him on the internet, and contacted him and stuff."

Q: Any misconceptions regarding yourself you'd like to put to rest whether it be football, personal, or anything?

A: "My whole life is football so it doesn't go much further than that, but I know one article had me talking about the previous centers at Lemont being "fat and slow" and that isn't what I said. I didn't criticize my former teammates; it was taken out of context."

Q: Lastly, tell me your goals for your upcoming senior season?

A: "I want to win a state championship, and by keeping my recruitment open, I want to help some of my teammates get recognized. I'm a team captain so I want to do everything in my power to make sure everyone is getting better. I want to keep perfecting everything as an offensive lineman with my footwork, keeping low, pass blocking, and run blocking."

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