Media Day: Charles Godfrey

True junior Charles Godfrey is making the move from safety to cornerback this season. In this Premium Q&A, Charles talks about the switch, his relationship with Adam Shada, his thoughts on the new receivers and how he's trying to break them into the Big Ten.

Are you nervous at all about stepping into a starting position?

I'm not nervous at all. I'm taking the approach that I'm a football player. You have to be able to make the transition. If you're an athlete, you have to be able to make the transition. I'm looking at it as a challenge. I'm not nervous at all.

What are the keys to the move from S to CB?

At safety, I was sort of back there just roaming. At corner, you're going after the receiver and you have to react. You have to react real quick. I have to get my reaction time back up. That's the basic key, the reaction.

What's your relationship like with Adam and how do you help each other out?

Adam might see something that I might not see. He might see something that I'm doing wrong or something that might help me out on this play and he'll be like, "OK, Charles, if you watch him do this." It's an easier read. Or I might see something that he's going wrong. I might tell him, "Well, look, if you read this here." That's the way we communicate with each other. We're not afraid to tell each other, "OK, look, you need help." We're out here to help each other.

Technique is much different from safety to corner. How comfortable do you feel with your corner technique?

I feel comfortable. I wouldn't say I feel too comfortable because I have some things that I have to improve on. I'm just taking this time to come out here and improve on the things I need to improve on. Technique is one of them.

A lot of the focus with this team is on the young receiving corp. You get a pretty good look at them every day. What are your impressions?

They're good. They come out here, they're fast. They're catching the ball. As a receiver, that's what you need. You need guys that can run and catch the ball. Most importantly, you need to catch the ball. So, yeah, they're good.

Do you look at it as your job to kind of break these guys in a little bit, maybe throw a hit in?

(Smiles) Yeah. I get up in their face a little bit and try to jam them up a little bit to let them know you've got some work to do. But I like the approach they're taking to this thing.

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