Media Day: Alex Kanellis

In the absence of Kenny Iwebema, Alex Kanellis has been receiving first-team reps at D-line. Kanellis talks about the promotion, how he feels about Iwebema coming back, his ability to play outside or inside and much more in this Premium Q&A.

With Kenny out right now, what do you bring to the end position?

I like to think that I go 100 percent no matter what the situation. We want him back. Everybody wants him back. He's a big part of this team. But for me, I just do the same things I've been doing. Hopefully that's good enough.

You're noticeably bigger. How much bigger did you get in the offseason?

I'm about 290. I'm about 20 to 30 pounds up from last year.

Is there any possibility that you can play DT at all?

They're keeping me at end right now. If they want me to learn it, I'll learn it. I know a little bit of it. I feel comfortable at end or tackle. It could be a possibility.

Do you still have the wheels with that extra 30 pounds?

Yeah, I'm running actually a little bit faster than I was coming in. So, I should be alright with it.

Last year, you guys were a question mark. This year, you're viewed as a strength. Is it easy for us to say that? Do you guys feel like you have to earn it all over again?

We've just got to do our job. We were really doing it well at the end of last year. The defense really is 11 guys all together. Everyone has to do their job to be successful. Hopefully we can be solid in what we're suppose to do.

Do you guys kind of feel like the rock star unit this year? Last year it was the linebackers.

Oh, I don't know. I don't know if we're at that status yet. We're just going to keep working hard and doing what we do.

What did you take from last year, you personally and the D-line as a unit?

You know, it's good to have a year of experience. It helps your confidence and we know how to prepare. You just know what's ahead of us. We feel really good. We're real excited about getting after it this year.

How much did what you guys go through last year maybe make you closer as a unit?

We're a close unit. I think of those guys as a second family for me. The stuff that we go through just in practice and weight lifting and running and everything really solidifies our relationship. We're very close and we'll stay that way.

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