Media Day: Marcus Paschal

With the injuries behind him, Senior Marcus Paschal embarks on his final season at Iowa with big hopes and dreams. Paschall discussed the status of the defensive backfield, how he feels coming into camp and more in this Premium Q&A.

With the inexperienced corners, you have to be more of a leader. What's your mindset heading into preparation for the season?

I'm just trying to go out here and play the game of football and have fun with it. There's no pressure. I'm just trying to get ready with my defensive teammates because when we step out on Sept. 2, we're going to have to be ready for anything they throw at us.

Do you think the corners will be ready, honestly?

I do. They're two guys that have been in the program. So, they know what's going on. The only thing they're going to have to do is be ready to show up on game day. Shada has had a couple of games under his belt already. I consider him just like a starter. Charles, he's been in the program a lot the last couple of years, so he sat back and learned a lot. It's just going to be his time. Everybody has to wait their turn. This year is going to be his turn.

It seems like with those two guys, they do have the experience. It seems like the depth is where the big question mark is with Ma'Quan out and Corey out. What's your take on that?

I think we're going to be pretty good. We have a couple of guys stepping up. Justin Edwards. Bradley Fletcher, he's been in the mix to be a starter with Charles and Adam. But other than that, we have a couple of young guys that are going to step up for us.

How have the first days of practice gone for you? How do you guys feel?

Things are pretty good. The legs are starting to get a little weak already, but you've just got to push through it. That's the meaning of camp. You're going to be out here working each and every day real hard. You get with your teammates and work hard together. That's going to determine what kind of team you're going to have come September.

Does it feel different this year, maybe, than last year? It's obvious for you. You're a senior. This is it.

Not really, besides being healthy this year. Last year, I was nursing an injury coming into the season. Other than that, we're just ready to work hard and get ready for Sept. 2.

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