Media Day: Adam Shada

After playing behind Jovon Johnson and Antwan Allen for a few years, Adam Shada moves into Iowa's starting lineup at CB. The Nebraska native talks about the move, the depth at the positon, his disappointment in seeing fellow DB Ma'Quan Dawkins getting hurt again, and more in this Premium Q&A.

Are you guys ready? Obviously, you have a lot of training camp left, but do you feel everybody came in pretty focused?

Yeah. Definitely. Obviously, like you said, we're not ready to play a game. We have a lot of work to do. But I think everybody has the right mentality and we're approaching practice in the right way. Obviously, there can be some improvement in that area, too. But I'm excited. I think we're ready to go.

What's the potential of this defense? I know it's early, but from what you've been able to see and glean from practices and workouts?

Oh, man, I'm kind of young and stupid. You'd have to ask Norm about that stuff. But I'm excited. I personally feel like we have a great group of guys. We've got some talent. I'm looking forward to it. But I really couldn't say what the potential would be.

What are you focusing on in this camp? What do you want to get accomplished?

I just want to sharpen up details and get ready and get the younger guys ready. Just to take steps each day I guess would be the main goal for me individually and everybody on the team. Hopefully we keep taking steps and we'll be near our goal when the game comes.

How disappointed were you for what happened to Ma'Quan?

He really had an unfortunate string of injuries there. Ma'Quan, you've talked to him, he's an unbelievable guy. We all love him and we're going to miss him a lot, just his face being around here and his personality and obviously his athleticism. It's unfortunate, but he's a bright kid and he has other avenues. We all wish him the best. It's too bad he won't be around, but we'll have other guys step in, too.

You and Charles have played but most of the guys behind you haven't. Do you feel confident in the depth at the position?

Yeah, I do. Coach does a great job every day of developing players. Our goals as leaders is to develop other leaders. So, we're not just working on our own stuff. We're trying to bring the other guys along and help them develop. They've got some great athletes coming up. I know they'll develop. They're already taking steps. I'm confident about the depth. By game time, I'll be even more confident.

Coach Ferentz singled out Bradley Fletcher as a guy that's made some strides. What have you seen from him, and is he ready to take the next step?

Oh, absolutely. He'll be ready to go on Sept. 2. He's a great athlete. He does a great job. He's improving every day and taking steps in the right direction. We're all confident in Bradley. Wherever he fits into the team, however it works out, he'll do a great job.

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